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My Cantabile Playlist:

Cantabile Webinar 1, Monday, Feb 1st, 2021
This was a wild and wooly informal launch that still covered a lot of ground.
Future webinars will likely only be partially as random.

Cantabile Webinar 2, Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 2021
We cover myriad items mostly concerning Cantabile 3 Performer.

Cantabile Webinar 4, Wednesday Feb. 10th, 2021 - “Abstracting” Controllers
In this webinar, we take a deep dive into how to “abstract” every knob, slider, switch and controller element in a MIDI keyboard controller (and beyond) in Cantabile Performer using embedded racks. We demonstrate how easy embedded racks are to copy and paste between songs and to re-use with different synths in a song, how handy the “Replace Plugin” is, and much more.

The material covered mostly applies to the Performer version of Cantabile, but some topics (especially on embedded racks) apply to Solo as well.

Cantabile Webinar 5, Monday, Feb 15th, 2021 - Live Streaming using Cantabile

I show off my full rig and setup, which admittedly is more “grand” than most people will use to start off (I use a capture card in a second computer and OBS Studio on that machine to run the stream). But I’ll be talking in-depth about doing it using a single computer.

This is all possible no matter what version of Cantabile you currently use, including Cantabile Lite, but perhaps as you get into it you will want to upgrade to Solo or Performer down the road.

I use Voicemeeter Banana ( when streaming via Zoom to convert my MOTU 828 mk3 hybrid ASIO audio interface to Windows WDM audio to feed Zoom with. I will be covering the steps to make it possible to use Zoom’s “Original Sound” settings so that your audio stream is uncompressed. (Normal Zoom audio is heavily compressed and processed to work with voice in a room where you are listening to your guests with speakers. Since this is turned off when using “Original Sound” it is advised you wear isolating headphones since the normal cancellation would be problematic if turned on.) This Zoom for Music Checklist is great also.

For YouTube and Twitch streaming, OBS now has an ASIO driver or two around. I use one called ASIO Plugin 2.0 but there is now a 3.0 version ( that needs another free file downloaded also ( - download link at the top-center). Definitely worth taking the time.

Cantabile Webinar 6, Wednesday, Feb 17th, 2021 - Drop-Down Patch Menus in Cantabile

First we cover using states with bindings to create drop-down lists of the patches on hardware synths, and cover the details in using hardware synths with Cantabile along the way. A bit of typing up front, but worth it in the long run as you usually do not need to type most of it more than once.

Then we cover synths that populate the drop-down menus automatically, and I show how many users of Native Instruments bundles (Komplete and Ultimate) actually have access to a treasure trove of VST synthesizers made with Reaktor that expose their patches to Cantabile.

Then we go on to discuss the differences between using the full-snapshot approach that stores every setting a patch has as a preset and the ultra-fast and lightweight parameter mode that only captures the items in a synth that expose their automation data. Again, a bit of typing is involved as you have to rename all of the patches, but you can do this with racks (even in multiple versions of a synth for different patch lists) and save those racks to recycle later on and take advantage of all your efforts.

Cantabile Webinar 7, Monday, Feb 22nd, 2021 - discussing the apps from VB-Audio (Voicemeeter, etc.) and Cantabile

The applications from another “lone developer” Vincent Burel at VB-Audio are all quite useful when used in conjunction with Cantabile Lite, Solo or Performer, for live streaming, gigging (esp. Spectralissime), applying effects to Windows media players and such, and recording. We discuss VB-Audio Cables, the Hi-Fi cables and ASIO Bridge, Voicemeeter, Voicemeeter Banana, Voicemeeter Potato, and Spectralissime, the super-fast frequency analyzer tool very useful for making certain you are sending a balanced mix out to the house.

Here are the links referenced in the discussion above:

Spectralissime -
Voicemeeter Potato -
Voicemeeter Banana (recommended for musicians, Zoom, etc.) -
Voicemeeter Original -
VB-Cable Virtual Audio Cable(s) -

Cantabile Webinar 8, Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2021 - Intro to Bindings in Cantabile 3 Performer

We start going into our deep dive into bindings by going over the many existing resources, articles, posts and downloads that are already available in the Cantabile community and documentation. We cover a few use-cases along the way (like using learn to get both a parameter binding and controller item for a VST instrument or effect).

Here are links to some of the resources mentioned in the video:

Cantabile Guides on Bindings:

Cantabile walkthrough video on Bindings:
(All Cantabile walkthrough videos:

Cantabile Community Search for Shared Files marked “Bindings”:

Brad’s announcement of the “New Media Player Bindings” in 2019: New Media Player Bindings

Live Loop Control Method article offered by Humphrey using the above six months later: Live Loop Control Method

Cantabile Blog entry from 2016 upon the introduction of Loopback Ports:

My use of bindings to solve a banked patches access problem (using Spectral synth from Linplug): LinPlug Spectral Bank/Patch Format for Bindings

Search in the community for “bindings loopback”:

Dave Dore’s “Autofader Simple” as a deep example of bindings applications: AutoFader Simple 🎚 a Utility Rack for Cantabile 3 Performer

Search page for “Shared Files” demonstrating the wealth of ready-made files we can download and modify or use as templates:

Listing of “Utility Racks” offered to the community, all being downloadable files we can use, modify or use as templates for our own creations: C3 Utility Racks

Listing of “Shared Racks” offered to the community, all being downloadable files we can use, modify or use as templates for our own creations: C3 Community State-Driven Preset-Racks Exchange

Enjoy! And have fun!

Cantabile Webinar 9, Monday March 1st, 2021 - Recording Multitrack and Stereo and Bindings in Solo

Monday’s we focus in on the capabilities of Cantabile Solo, but what we cover here for recording and bindings works with Performer as well.

We go over how to set up multi-track or stereo recording (or both simultaneously!), and how to extract the stems using the free Audacity program. We create a “stereo mix” output to use immediately in the Media Player also.

Then we move into the Bindings available in Solo, which are quite extensive and are very powerful. And so, we begin our deep dive into bindings in Cantabile.

Links referenced in the Webinar - Free synths, the Flux Stereo Tool and Audacity!

Surge Synth (

LABS — Free Virtual Instruments (

AAS Swatches free Sound Pack Series compilation with player (

Odin2 by TheWaveWarden

Podolski: Nice and easy | u-he (

TyrellN6: A compact, sporty synth | u-he (

Stereo Tool v3 - FLUX:: IMMERSIVE

Download | Audacity ® (


Congrats Terry. Watched the recording. Hoping to be a part of your next one.

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Just added Webinar 2 to the top.

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Just added Webinar 4 to the top. Webinar 3 (focusing on Solo) is coming soon out of editing.

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@terrybritton … thanks. I got my first abstraction rack up and running yesterday. Small one, just covers the piano pedals (sustain, soft, sostenuto), but soft and sostenuto doubles as leslie fast/slow and brake, so really a neat way to handle these when having both piano and hammond in the song. That was a nice trick to learn.

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@TorstenH Super!!! If you have any questions just ask. I’m always open to questions of any topic during the webinars as well.


@TorstenH Me too! I had already abstracted my two keyboards but I took advantage of the advice about the pedals. So I set up a PedalRack for them.
What I have noticed, though, is that if you proceed to create a binding then you risk of bypassing your rack, unless you put the VST you want to control into a rack.
To be more specific: after setting up the PedalRack, I created a binding from a foot controller to the Filter Cut Off of a VST synth. Then I switched off the PedalRack, but the controller was still arriving to the Filter Cut Off, because the binding had been created in the song bindings. Maybe this is all well known to you all…I had not realise that!
So I put the VST synth in a rack and created the same binding in the rack itself. Then I had to change the source of the binding (from Main Keyboard to Rack Midi In) and at least I obtained what I wanted: if I switch off the PedalRack (i.e. set it to Not Running) the controller does not reach the VST anymore.
@terrybritton I really enjoy your webinars. Thanks!

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Webinar 5 on Live Streaming is now added to the list above! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear folks are having some success with making racks to abstract their controllers!!! :smiley:


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Webinar 6 on Drop Down Patch Menu’s and how to add them and work with them is added now to the list above. We cover hardware synths, VST instruments and effects.



Cantabile Webinar 8, Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2021 - Intro to Bindings in Cantabile 3 Performer is now added to the top post. We show off all the many community resources, the guides, videos, articles, blog posts and files ready to download shared by the community.

A full list of all the links showcased in the video is included beneath the video.


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Cantabile Webinar 7 from Monday, Feb. 22nd, 2021 - discussing the apps from VB-Audio (Voicemeeter, etc.) and Cantabile was just posted above.



Just posted above!

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Cantabile webinars 10-20 will be posted here.


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My Playlist on YouTube is getting pretty large! But I want MORE!!! :wink:
Terry’s Collection of Cantabile 3 Video Tutorials - YouTube

If you know of any videos I absolutely should include in here, please let me know.


Just a reminder since this scrolled so far down that these webinar recordings are still here.