LinPlug Spectral Bank/Patch Format for Bindings

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This is just for those searchers in the future who might type “LinPlug” or “Spectral” into the search.

The Spectral synth allows 128 banks of 128 patches each, so when using Cantabile Bindings to call them up, use the “Program Change (Banked)” target for them.

The banks show 30 banks per row, starting from zero, so the top of the first row is zero, the top of the second is 30, and so on.

The above shows the BSL Stawczyk collection, which is bank #13.

The patches in each bank follow the same arrangement, with 30 patches per column:

So, the patch highlighted is “SYN Friar Prayer” which is patch #77. One nice thing about Spectral is that once you have the bank selected, the drop-down list of presets becomes populated with that bank’s patches automatically. So, it becomes easy to explore a bank’s patch collection once one of the patches is called up.

So, if called up via bindings, the banked program number for this patch would be 13.77 in this case.

I hope that is helpful - ask any questions if still perplexed and I’ll get back to you!