New Media Player Bindings

Starting with build 3590 (available today), Cantabile’s media players now support a bunch of new binding events, including “On Play”, “On Pause”, “On Stop” etc…

Also, and probably more interesting is a new event “On End of Track/Range”. This is like “On Stop” except it only fires if the transport stops because playback reached the end of the file or the end of the current play range.

This can be used to implement “auto play next track”, like so:


Hey Brad,

Great addition, I can have intermission playlists I start from these bindings in my background rack but have one request as to an add on that would allow for sensing of he end of the specific media player’s playlist and stopping the player at the point the last track finished. Currently my testing shows that it loops back to the top of the playlist and plays it again as normal behavior. It would be great to have both options unless there is already a way to do it that I don’t understand.



Yep I noticed that it loops back to the start too. To fix this I guess I need to create a new binding target for “Next File and Play” so it can check there actually is a next file only start playback if there is.

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Build 3592 (should be up soon) introduces some new bindings:

  • Play Next File
  • Play Previous File
  • Play Next Play Range
  • Play Previous Play Range.

Combining the “On End Of Track” trigger with Play Next File should give you what you want… it’ll play the next file if there is one, otherwise it’ll reset back to the first file, but not play.