Thoughts on Coronavirus/Covid19


Great show Torsten! Congrats!


Well done Torsten!! Really enjoyed the show Thanks for a nice evening, :grinning:


Didn’t get a chance to catch it as I was dealing with an emergency plumbing issue. Is there a link to watch last nights show?


Use the link above. It is archived.


Our set isn’t available yet in the Uploads section - will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll post an update when it is.




Yay - the recording is online!


Excellent show Torsten,
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!


I’ve had a quick skim through. Sounds very professional and polished.


Good (and fun) show! Brings back lots of mid-60s memories. Was that the Velvet “A-200” on “What’d I Say?”


Very nice, Torsten (& band). Playing together with friends can’t be replaced with anything one could do with computers though they can help to make a better sound experience.


Hmmm, my mid-60s memories are kind of vague (given I was born in 1965) :wink:

Used to be, but I’ve replaced it with the Acousticsamples VReeds. Feels more organic, with a bit more “muscle” than the Velvet Wurly.





I’m seeing Dave_Dore’s avatar stuck between those 2 wolves. :rofl:


This one doesn’t know what year it is :grinning: She’s sweet until you knock at the door.