Thoughts on Coronavirus/Covid19


The highlight of their stage show was at the final encore when they sprayed sanitizer all over the crowd


Absolutely! My last gig was March 13th, and it was packed. Stay at home began the next day. As an afterthought, I remember all the people shaking my hand, and crowding around the stage during break. I needed sanitizer for sure, just didn’t know it at the time.

So the sanitizer bindings would come in handy if I ever go back! :laughing:

@brad ?


No, on March 13th you didn’t die from touching people. Only on March 14th. You’re obvioulsy safe.


Oh yeah…I forgot you couldn’t get it from touch then. Whew! That didn’t start till the next day. I was worrying for nothing then. :grin:


Interesting approach here: a production / event tech company started offering their facilities for free to local bands for streaming concerts (1-2 events per week). Very strict hygiene requirements, plexiglass dividers between musicians, no fans / family members on site, but still, it’s a semblance of a gig.

Their approach is: since we’re currently just sitting around without anything to do, we might as well just make this investment in the local band scene. And of course this approach may have some marketing benefits for them.

So we will actually have a gig this month!


That’s pretty cool.


Hi Torsten, I would like to watch, please post link when you get it.



Great! This is their YouTube channel where they host the streams. It’s also got archives of all past sessions, so you’ll be able to catch up at a convenient time:

I assume the live streams will be shown there while they’re running - will check out this weekend when the next bands are up. Here is the schedule of past and upcoming streams:

We’re up on Sat, June 20th at 20:00 CET - the band is called “Mind The Gap” (this is my “second” band, 50s/60s R&B focus).




Will be there - from here :sunglasses:


Live music started here last Friday. I am scheduled for July 3rd gig. Don’t think I’ll chance it. Cases are spiking here.


A lady in Dallas contracted COVID-19 and recovered from it. She was back in the hospital again yesterday June 17, 2020, with COVID-19. She thought she was immune.

Tests may be worthless. “Physical distancing” is probably the best thing. Add “wearing masks”, and the odds get better (any old rag is better than nothing IMHO). Add “Social distancing via Skype or phone calls or emails” and you’re golden.


It is also very possible she never fully recovered, as some reports indicated. The point is…no one really knows for sure about this virus, and what the next turn will be. It is currently still a guessing game.

They opened live music here last week. Now they are shutting most of it back down. Of course, Beale St will stay open regardless of the virus…too much revenue for the city. I refuse to perform there. For a place that is known for the music, the Beale St Assoc. is very “anti-musician”.


Worse yet, on TV she said she had donated convalescent plasma. Oh dear. She thinks 5 people got it before she went back to the hospital, ill.

Side note: I found a Beale St in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Decades ago, I wrote a part of the manufacturing computer system for Nissan Motors in Smyrna, near Nashville. Very nice folks there.


That would be the place! :wink:


Kool, that you play in Memphis, Corky. Wow!

Old man reminiscing: my boss (a lady) and I were discussing a hierarchical dabase issue at a restaurant. “If we kill the parent, we are going to kill the children”, I pointed out, to the loudest gasp from the lady at the table next door. “Oh, no, no, we are talking about databases!”, I had to tell her. Whew.


I had those type of discussions long ago, but they were restricted to the computer lab. :laughing:


My bad(?). By now, I hope she’s okay with an entire mission being aborted. Off they went to heaven, riding the parish bus. Lord have mercy.


Ready for our live stream tonight (20:00 CET)…


Looks very cool, the Keyboard rig makes the picture IMO! Break a leg :wink:




Ooops! Got it up above.

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