Thoughts on Coronavirus/Covid19


Corky…thanks for that link. Kansas has always been a big fav of mine. Many moons ago, I did several shifts per week on air for a radio station that leaned in the progressive rock direction, before deciding to convert to Jazz. This was back when vinyl was still the medium and CD players were just becoming part of the mainstream. In an effort to make room in the library for all the new albums, we were allowed to take whatever we wanted. Sadly, I was not there when that was announced, so when I came in for my next shift, there were huge holes in the library shelves where albums used to be. I figured the stuff that was left would be like BJ Thomas - Greatest Hits and such. Since I was about a decade older than a lot of the jocks, they all took the new wave stuff, and what was left was a treasure trove of material that was right up my alley. One of the first albums I pulled out of the shelf was Kansas first album which I proceeded to play the living daylights out of. Their combination of so many different styles of rock and roll resulted in a debut album that to this day is still something I can throw on and listen to and enjoy every song on it for many different reasons, from the basic kick ass rock 'n roll to of course all the various keyboards. I got the opportunity to see them live and they did not disappoint. One of the tightest bands I’ve ever seen in concert. Here’s a link right back at you…the whole first album


It’s a shame Steve Walsh isn’t with them. His voice went south and never came back. . I saw a recent video of him singing with an orchestra, and it was very hard to watch. I was glad to see the few remaining members still killing it.


I know what you mean… he was the voice of the band. Not sure if this is the one of which you speak, but it surely backs up exactly what you are saying. I love the classic turn away from the audience while someone else hits the high notes

I’ve seen several videos of him recently that completely …like this one from as far back as 2016 that show how the vocal just isn’t anywhere near the same anymore

The band has undergone a huge change in personnel from the good old days, but that track you linked to shows they are indeed still ripping it up. Kind of surprised the current lineup only lists two vocalists. If they ever do any live shows, that’s going to be a bit of a stretch on the old material


There are a lot of great clips posted here, but I really like Living in a Ghost Town - what a great song. Unmistakably classic Stones.


Strange story about this song… The Stones recorded it last year. Mick thought it was timely to release it, but had to change a few lyrics, because they were too morbid to put out, due to the current events.


Sad news, Dave Greenfield from “The Stranglers”, has passed away from Covid-19. He was 71.

For over 40 years, he’s always amazed me how he could dazzle the keys. Unrivaled arpeggios on his Pianet, a swooshing Hammond L100 and stellar Oberheim & Moog licks were some of his hallmarks. He had the ability play solos with one hand and drink a pint of beer with his other hand at the same time. A sight to behold! He was a true showman, a great keyboardist in my eyes. He cut out a playing style that only he could perfect.

I will miss him dearly,
Rest in peace, Dave Greenfield.


Oh no! I’ve never actually heard them. Will have to go listen.


Eh Fred,

Dave Greenfield shines in songs like “Golden Brown”, “Down in the Sewer” and a remake of “Walk on By”

The Stranglers were not well known in North America, but hugely popular in the UK back in the 70’s & 80’s. That band had a huge influence on me in my teenage years when I was in the “punk” phase of my life 40+ years ago. Dave Greenfield’s playing style has rubbed off on me.


Love the bass in “Walk on By”


I think you also need to listen to the keyboard runs in (whatever happened to those) heroes which is the definitive Stranglers song for me. One of the few punk era bands to feature keys and boy could he play…


I was into all kinds of punk and indie bands at the time and the Stranglers were on my radar- just no one I knew back then had any of their records, I guess.


Right on Derek. Just so sad that Covid-19 had to take him away.

Back in the late 70’s & early 80’s I was in a play for beer band. We covered much of the early Stranglers albums at house parties. I played (or attempted to play) Dave Greenfield’s keys. Here in Canada, they weren’t known all that well at the time. The funny thing was, most of the audiences we played for thought it was all original music. Made us feel good. Now I’m retired, and still gravitate to playing my childhood keyboard Heros.


Even Dion ?? With the Rev Billy G ?



Like this song,
My daughter Caroline will really like this one too!
Thanks for posting Corky.


Another one coming soon…Deep Purple !


Very nice! Main song starts around 1:00…goes heavily progressive near 2:00. Weird all these people were writing about strange times 6 months ago.



Got a call today from a well known musician in the area. He told me to watch the local news at 6PM. I did, and they are considering opening up live music soon. The only thing is, another story preceded the live music story. Covid-19 is expected to peak here between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed, but confused. :confused:


Perhaps a future of build of Cantabile can have a binding to cause hand sanitizer to squirt out?

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Uhhhh huh huh uuuuuuh huh huh huh huh uh huh huh
He said “squirt”


+1 on sanitizer binding. Brad?