Thoughts on Coronavirus/Covid19


Hi Everyone,

I’m well aware that many of you rely on live gigging to make at least part of your income and that the next few months are going to be uncertain and difficult with everything shut down. My thoughts are with you and I hope you and your families are, and remain safe and well.

Over the next few months I’m fully expecting a significant downturn in Cantabile sales and subscriptions however the business is pretty lean and will continue to run without interruption. There’s no threat of it disappearing, activation servers will continue to work, I’ll still be providing support and development will continue unabated.

The pandemic is heartbreaking and we’re all going to be affected in some way - either through economic hardship, sickness or the loss of loved ones. But it’s also at times like this that human ingenuity can really shine. I have full faith in the health care workers, doctors and scientists working to get this under control. I hope if nothing else this outbreak restores the respect for expertise that is sorely missing both in politics and the general population over these past years.

Please be kind, stay safe, make the necessary sacrifices and hopefully we’ll be through this as soon as possible.



You also Brad. When it finally ends, we will rejoice with music in the air again. Stay safe my friend.


Thank you Brad! I love the software, I love the community here and I know we’re all gonna pull through. See y’all in the other side…


Hi Brad and all.
Appreciate your thoughts. I am living in the hardest hit region of Italy - Lombardy - and we are restricted to our own house, and since today we are only allowed to go to the nearest supermarket or pharmacy in our own town, and that’s it. And I think that is a good thing to restrict the spread of the virus.
One of my team members lost his father last week due to corona and in the last 12 days he was not allowed to visit him anymore because he was quarantained as well. My sister in law, working in a hospital, might have corona since a colleague she was working with last friday has diagnosed corona…
My sympathy goes with all the victims, and the medical staff involved are heroes.
With the best intentions you say that you have all the faith in doctors, health care workers and scientists to get this under control. What we observe here however is that they do their utmost best, but it is us - the normal citizens - that are the solution: we need to respect the imposed restrictions and isolate ourselves. That’s the only way to get out of this. Too many people last weekend went out for a walk in too large groups, and even ‘up-yours-corona parties’ were organised by some of the younger generation who THINK they cannot be affected (but indirectly in any case spread the disease by which others get affected and die)…
Anyway, I appreciate that you bring this up, and let’s try to get thru this. Cantabile in any case gives a lot of fun these days in making wonderful music!




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Thx guys,
I deliberately didn’t want to mention it here, since we are bombarded daily with the news, but you’re right to do so.

It’s very scary, one side not trusting the (international) gouvernements and citizens (you know the toilet paper hamsters) and on the other side surely beginning to understand the need of it. That’s what you get when you can’t trust the media nor the politics.

This situation surely feels like a war. Although i understand that’s still another level.
I’m very interested in the history of war and human sacrifices. In Belgium we lost many people that time and lots of landscape artefacts can be found here. I’ve visited some nazi bunkers and installations.
Understanding how money rules the world and how fragile our luxury is.
By extension human kind now as we expérience.

Let’s hope this nightmare will be over soon.
I’ve lost 15 concerts up to date.
My days were filled with music.

What a story adderoo. You’re in the most scary part of the situation. I think i would freak out.
I already bought some stock food because here the shops are getting empty also.
Brrrr man. What an enemy.


Hi @adderoo

So sorry to hear about your situation - that must be terrifying. It was what I’ve seen coming out of Italy that led me to using the term “heartbreaking”. It really is.

Yes exactly. That’s what I was getting at, but more subtly. By saying I have faith in those experts, I mean we need to listen to them, believe them, do what they recommend. These people have spent their entire lives studying this and for anyone to have the hubris to think they know better is just shocking to me.

You’re right though - at the end of the day it’s up to us.

To @adderoo and everyone else in similar circumstances, if there’s anything we as a community can do help please let us know.



Hi Everyone,
Its been an interesting 2 weeks for my wife & I. We were on our way driving to Florida USA from Ontario Canada for a 4 week vacation when all this Covid stuff broke out. We stopped in Virginia and decided it was best to cancel our vacation. We turned around and drove back home after only 1 week on the road. We are now in our 2nd week of isolation in our house. Thankfully no Covid-19 symptoms yet. The Province I live in is now in a “State of Emergency”. Canada has just now backed out of the Olympics. The news keeps getting worse every day.

Stay safe everyone. I think this is going to go on for a while. I did my bit for Brad, and renewed my subscription. It’s looking like I will have lots of time now to explore Cantabile. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Brad and everybody for your sympathy. As it shows this a global issue, and please everybody take this seriously and indeed obey the instructions from the specialists. At least to prevent you’ll infect the elder people or the medical staff.

This is one of the global virus crisis that actually I have been fearing for professionally (I am a professional in floods crisis management and research). I am not even the worst off here in Lombardy as I live on the country side at the edge of Lombardy, still 80km away from Bergamo, the hardest hit city. I fear also for the huge economic consequences this will have for many people globally.

This forum already does a great job giving positive energy on a daily basis, also before corona. I praise myself lucky to be part of this forum.

Some light at the end of the tunnel here; the daily rate of new corona cases in Italy has now dropped for 2 consecutive days; this seems to be a positive turning point; but this means the peak in hospitalisation and intensive care patients is still 10 days or so ahead of us. It ain’t over yet…


Wash your hands, don’t horde loo roll, and be kind to grocers.

Be sure to look at both the WHO daily situation reports here and your country’s national health ministry/department.

My sad observation is that newsreaders are reporting everything BUT the data, when the data are the only thing that matters.

My inner Cynical Altekaker suspects anyone citing anything other than the data is trying to sell me something. While I’d be delighted to be proven wrong, I’m not holding my breath.


Be safe, everyone. We’ll get through it.

Whatever skills you have, there’s always something you can do to make a difference. I’m doing what I can right now, and I’ll share the results here.


This is an incredibly heartbreaking situation for all involved. My wife is a professor at a medical college here in FL where she trains the next generation of nurses. They have been having meetings in small groups to try and transition what was a full fledged nursing program with a large simulation lab of robotic patients to an online program using what programs are commercially available as well as working with their IT team to create from scratch in less than 2 weeks, what was mostly a hands on program. As of yesterday, she made the decision not to go in to work any more this week.

Prior to her current career, she spent 31 years as an ICU and trauma nurse. Most nurses have built up a tolerance to things that would make the rest of us lose our lunch (I know because I was “lucky enough” to hear about it daily), but this is something that is basically invisible and it does not discriminate when it attacks its victims.

Sadly, those of us in the US have only begun to see the brunt of what the rest of the world has experienced and even worse, we have leadership at the very top who is more concerned with his own political survival than the survival of those who will perish. We had months to prepare for this as we watched it engulf one nation after another and still we cannot even regularly test people to get a handle on where we are as a nation. Having to sit by and watch our status as a nation sink to levels I never thought possible, only to further watch what we have all feared: what would happen if a real crisis hit this country. Well, it has and now we know.

It is sad to interject politics into this discussion, but it is so hard to sit by and watch as your country is led by the ass end of a horse, who just last night announced that “we can’t let the cure be worse than the problem” and wants to reopen the country next week.

I grew up in the shadow of NYC and I can tell you that our president has never done anything that does not benefit him directly. Sadly, it is built in to his DNA and he is not about to change. Thankfully, there are individual governors who are heeding the CDC and other medial authorities and taking matters into their own hands to help their citizens. I can only pray for those who have been and those who will be afflicted with this virus.

For the rest of us sheltering in place, let us all keep in touch via these forums and let the members of our Cantabile community know how we are doing. Brad, thank you for your dedication to your product. Many times I am amazed by the amount of work you put in to development and the support you offer even while doing so. All of us who get to play around and create with what you have created, has many times made me stop in my tracks and realized that there is someone on the other end, hunched over a keyboard coding all the marvelous features we get to enjoy on a daily basis. Even those among us who do coding (I am not one of them) must surely be amazed by what you have produced that has enabled all of us to be as musically creative as we possibly can. There are not enough words to express our gratitude, so a simple thank you will have to do for now.

To all the rest of the community, please take care…do what is necessary to protect yourselves and your families, and hopefully we will all come out on the other side of this


Not sad, wholly unnecessary. Keep your political opinions to yourself.


It was not a political opinion, just a medical one. It was based on the actions of A PRESIDENT who not more than a week ago at the advice of our most trusted medical personnel, now wants to remove those restrictions against the advice of those same medical personnel. Brad said it best

What he wants to do will endanger us all. That is not a knock on his political affiliation, merely his proposed decision. If you were offended, I apologize, but I stand by what I said.


I agree and sympathize with everything you have said Steve. I don’t live in the USA, but as a Canadian I consider us northern neighbors are joined at the hip. For that matter this virus has shown us all just how fragile and interconnected this world really is. Lets all hope objective solutions to this pandemic comes soon that will not disrupt things even more. Fingers crossed, knock on wood.


See ya. This will devolve and I like y’all.


It’s so nice to be liked by someone! :grin:


Let’s not let this devolve into a political shit show. Please try to keep it kind, constructive and supportive.

I’m happy to let a little political to and fro so long as it’s civil and constructive but if it get’s nasty or out of hand I’ll shut it down for the sake of the community.


We are all witnessing something we’ve never seen or dealt with. My anxiety has become very intense, but meds help. :wink: Calm needs to be a 1st response to anything or anyone.
However, if things rise to a shit-show level, I would suggest a spitting duel at 20 paces. Sloppy but de-escalating. :joy:
…of course, there is always Thunderdome as a last chance.


What’s a song that sums up how you feel about all this?

Here’s mine: “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” by Elton John.

A song full of optimism and despair. A poetic song open to all sorts of interpretation but seems apt.

(Also, a song about New York, where things aren’t looking good right now - my playlist randomly played this while I just so happened to be looking at the stats for New York)