Thoughts on Coronavirus/Covid19


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Of course the thing to remember is that those numbers are with social distancing, masks, closures, etc. The raw counts could easily be double or triple without the mitigation measures, but the peer percentages would still remain quite small. That said, older people (of which I’m one of) definitely don’t want to catch this thing.


Thanks Dave! It was a good time for large bands. We were paid very well then, unlike the past 10 years. The Musicians Union kept venues in line, and we always received our money timely through our agent.


Those are great! I really like the first one; actually reminds me more maybe of Ides of March. I’d kill to be in a big horn band now. That would make life good again.


Since Covid started, I began playing Trumpet, Drums, and Trombone again. I also had to sharpen my Sax, Harmonica, and guitar playing, as they were failing. My Bass skills are good, but my Keyboard playing, and vocals have suffered most. It was shocking when I sat down at the keys again after the 1st 3 months of nothing. I don’t think I want to be in a horn section again, but playing keys, bass, or guitar in a big band would be fun.

We were very influenced by BS&T, Chicago, Ides of March, all the soul stuff, AND Chase. Bill Chase gave a seminar at my University before a concert. They were amazing…loved this guy. I also admired Jim Fielder, Bobby Colomby, and Lew Soloff in BS&T.



Very nice music, Corky.
With this kind of music you can “hear” the enthusiasm that must have been involved when composing, arranging and playing the songs.


@Corky, Very diverse and interesting musical background you’ve had. Lots to be proud of!

I’m definitely not as musically gifted. Although, where your struggling on keys at the moment, that’s my forte. I studied classical piano in my youthful days, and accomplished my Royal Conservatory grade VIII. That gave me a solid basis for playing keyboards in general. I taught piano for several years, and played keys in amateur bands, but never went professional. I had to make a hard financial decision when I got married and raising a family in my 20’s. I worried that if I become professional, I would become a starving musician. I often wonder if I took that path.

Anyway, here I am in retirement, financially stable from a career in electronics. Plus add some health issues, doctors appointments, you know. But one thing we all have in common here is our love of music. Thank heavens, and covid be-damned.


Hi Corky,

Just listened to the one recorded at Isaac Haye’s studio. I would have bought that. Who is the bass player?




Hi Dave. Thanks for the kind words. I was self taught on Trumpet in the 7th grade. By the 8th grade I was arranging music pieces for the school band. It just came naturally. I started learning other instruments that I could get access to. I borrowed a guitar at 14, asked how to tune it, and figured out the chords, and to this day, I finger chords much differently than others. I also studied others playing piano and organ, and forced myself to emulate them. By the time I started college, I was way ahead of the “instructors” who tried to change my embouchure and piano playing. I was a rebel, and they soon found out I wasn’t giving in to their BS. So, even though I played classical music in school orchestra, and recitals, I can’t claim to be classically trained, and sometimes wish I had studied as you did. It would have made me a much better player.

I got a taste of the road life, but like you, I felt the need to live a more stable life. I retired a Civil Service employee, and a retired teacher. I am so glad I chose the life I did, because I am not struggling in retirement, yet I have been able to perform throughout my careers. Many professional musicians I know have been struggling for years, but are in trouble now. I support them whenever I can. Yeah…covid be damned!


Thanks Doug. Pretty sure it was “Meatloaf” (long before the other Meatloaf). Bill Loftus, was his name, but there were many member changes during that time, so I am not 100% sure. Bill was a great Bassist, as were the others. 45 years have passed since then…barely remember anything about the recordings. There is a live recording somewhere online, but I heard it once and haven’t been able to find it again.


I remember that Chase album! It was popular among the big band-heads in my school show band.