Hobbymusician, interested in keys, computers, audio-electronics, acoustics and astro physics


2 x Acer Aspire V3 772g, i7 4702qm, 24 GB RAM, 1,5 TB SSD, RME Babyface, Digiface USB, Fireface UFX II

Gigabyte Mobo, i7 4770k, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, 4 GB HDD, RME HDSP Multiface

Kawai MP11, Yamaha KX88, Yamaha Motif ES7, Novation 61SL mk3, Akai PMK 261, Yamaha DX7S, Yamaha KX25, CME UF7, Terrasoniq Area 61, Emu Emax, Crumar String Performer

Stands: Bespeco Pianotable, 2 x K&M Spider Pro, 1 x K&M Omega & Holder for 2. keyboard

Outboard: TC M-One XL, TC Voice Live 2, HX3

Mixers: Midas M32R, Behringer SD16, Behringer XR16, Palmer PAN 04
Monitors: 2 DBR10
Inears: StageDiver2


DAWs: Steinberg Cubase 11, Ableton Live 9

Live Hosts: Topten Cantabile 4, NI Traktor Pro 2, jBridge


Pianos: VI Labs Ravenscroft 275, Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D, Addictive Keys, Studio Grand, Electric Grand & Modern Upright, NI Alicias Keys, Impact Soundworks Pearl Concert Grand, Steinberg Halion S90ES Sample

E-Pianos: Scarbee EP-88s, AAS Lounge Lizard 4, Scarbee Mark I, Scarbee A200, Purgatory Creek Tine & Reed Collection

Samplers: NI Kontakt 5, UVI Workstation, Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1, Steinberg Halion 4, East West Play, M-Tron Pro

Sample Libraries: NI Symphony Series String Ensemble, NI Symphony Series Brass Ensemble, NI Symphony Series Woodwind Solo, NI Session Horns Pro, EWQL Hollywood Orchestra Diamond, Steinberg HSO, Chris Hein Horns Compact, GForce M-Tron Pro

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX Expanded, Toontracks Superior Drummer 2&3, Toontracks Metal Foundry SDX, Toontrack Orchestral Percussion SDX, Toontrack Al Schmitt Decades SDX, NI Battery 4, NI Maschine 2

Guitar & Bass Libraries: Spectrasonics Trilian, Orange Tree Evolution Strawberry, Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2, Ample Guitar

Hammond Clones: IKM B3-X, Acoustic Samples B5 V2, GG-Audio Blue3 II, GSi VB3 & VB3 II

Synths: u-he DIVA, u-he HIVE, u-he Repro-1, u-he Repro 5, u-he ACE, u-he Bazille, Synapse Audio the Legend, Synapse Audio Obsession, Xfer Serum, Adam Szabo Viper, NI FM8, Adam Szabo JP6K, Memorymoon ME80, TAL P-8, TAL U-NO LX II, Sonic Projects OP-X Pro II, Korg Wavestation KLC, Korg M1 KLC, Air Xpand!2, Waldorf Wave 2.v, Waldorf Wave 3.v

Others: NI Maschine 2, Xfer Cthulhu


Reverbs: Relab 480XL Complete, Lexicon PCM Native Reverbs, Audio Damage EOS2, Knufinke SIR2, UVI Sparkverb, Liquidsonics Seventh Heaven

Delays: Fabfilter Timeless 3, UVI Relayer

EQs: Fabfilter Pro Q3, Fabfilter Volcano 3, Voxengo Gliss EQ, Waves Scheps 73, Waves Kramer HLS Channel, OverTone DSP, PTC 2A, NI Solid EQ

Compressor/Limiter: Fabfilter Pro C2, Fabfilter Pro L2, u-he Presswerk, Voxengo Elephant, Fabfilter MB-Pro, NI Solid Compressor, NI Bus Compressor

Modulation: IKM Leslie, PSP L’otary, UVI Rotary, Adam Szabo Phazor, TAL Chorus-LX

Others: Fabfilter Saturn 2, u-he Satin, Waves Nx, Tone Boosters Isone, Tone Boosters EBU Loundness