Thoughts on Coronavirus/Covid19


Hi @Derek
I might be a little more optimistic on this. I think societies will learn from this. Unfortunately it typically takes disasters like this before they implement changes, even though specialists had warned us for this already for years…

The issue with #beds per head is also, or perhaps primarily, a matter of money. If we as society are not prepared to pay for it through higher medical insurance premia or taxes, this is what we get.

Luckily, there is still some European solidarity left, whereby Italian and now also Dutch patients are send to German hospitals to benefit from the large capacity there, but in a way this is also a bit embarrassing…



I’d like to share your optimism (and I am usually a “glass half full” person!), and maybe this time this will be different, but my pessimism comes from the “acceptable risk approach” to winter flu and the Government totally ignoring the outcome of the 2016 pandemic exercise.

Regarding the number of beds and the cost of more, the big problem in the UK is that “National Insurance” taxation was set up to fund the health service, but, like car tax, it is now seen as a general source of money for government largess on other things and it is no longer ring fenced for health and social care. We need to get back to that. The UK tax burden (when you take into account all the stealth taxes) is the highest in 50 years, but you see little benefit.

Another problem in the UK is that it, like many countries, has a social crisis on its hands with a failing health system and people living longer and more expensive treatment costs putting more demand on it - but simply throwing money at it on its own is not the answer. We’ve been doing that for the past 20 years without reform expected in return, and the answer is always that the NHS needs more money. Keep shovelling money in without reform and any bureaucratic organisation will simply swallow up the money with more officialdom and bureaucracy. It needs serious reform, but no government has so far had the cahoonas to grasp that mantle as it it used as a political football, and at election time the parties all try and portray themselves has the caring party for the NHS and try and outspend the opposition. It is utter madness. If I ran a project like that, I’d be sacked.


We are all feeling the effects of this pandemic. The store I shop at always provided sterile wipes for shoppers until after they ran out on the shelves, people actually took to stealing them, so now they spray down the handle of the cart with a disinfectant. I have taken it a step further and now wear gloves, because as hard as it is to admit, I am now in the category of “older Americans”. As my state is ramping up to be hard hit, they finally issued an order for people over 65 and those with health conditions to stay in place, while the rest of the population is free to go about their business. Meanwhile numbers continue to rise and despite seeing how restricting movement helps quite a bit, there are still many states that seem determined to allow people to go on as if nothing is happening.

My sincere condolences for those who this is affecting physically and mentally. I agree with Derek…it is a lack of preparedness all around. I can only hope that this will wake people up permanently rather than momentarily to the fact that no country is truly prepared for something like this and it might behoove every lawmaker in every country to truly have plans in place to deal with a crisis of this magnitude or quite possibly the next, which could be worse.

I am going out on the proverbial limb here. Brad asked if anyone had a song that sums up how you feel about this situation. Everyone pumped out some great ones, and I couldn’t think of one, until this little diddy crossed my path. I have shared the following with a few members individually, so in advance I will warn anyone that there is a great deal of profanity in this youTube link, however, there is also a great deal of humor and it is directly in response to Covid-19. It was shared by one of my wife’s nurse friends, and I genuinely laughed out loud listening to it. I hope it lightens your load and provides a moment or two of levity. Again, if you are offended by profanity, you should skip this completely. If you are not and need a good chuckle, please enjoy. Remember, Laughter is the best medicine , and here’s why. Laughter relaxes the body and keeps muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes. Laughter boosts the immune system by decreasing stress hormones and producing more antibodies, protecting you from diseases. Laughter releases endorphins, the chemicals that make you feel good .


I completely agree with this however there doesn’t seem to be much discussion about preventing this from happening again. It’s obvious that this is a naturally evolved virus (there’s scientific forensic evidence that supports this) and it’s obvious it came from China (despite what the CCP would have you believe). Also this isn’t the first time and as far as I can tell nothing was done last time. I’m concerned that there are dangerous, deeply ingrained cultural practices and beliefs in this densely populated part of the world that make the perfect breeding ground for this to happen again.

Surely there needs to be some sort of international scientific and diplomatic effort to try and prevent this from happening again. I guess it’s too early given everyone’s busy with the current situation but I hope to see more about this as things settle down. Given that it usually takes severe economic impacts for people to take notice perhaps this pandemic might be enough to prod them into action. Here’s hoping.

(if anyone has any insight or references into what international efforts in this area might look like I’d be interested).



Besides questionable ethical behaviour one of the big problems with Facebook is you don’t really have control over your own content. If you can, think about posting stuff to your own site (ie: a site to which you own the top-level domain) and then posting links to Facebook. The search engines will like you better too.


Wish you all the best. I’ve tried to turn people onto Cantabile as a live host, it’s such a great application.


Hey guys,
I know it’s bad, but it even got worse for me, i lost 2 Facebook accounts in the middle of quarantine :disappointed_relieved::thinking::stuck_out_tongue:
Just because of some light erotic joke i posted 2 years ago. 2 accounts closed at the same time.

Might not seem serious, but hey I’m doing lots of business on Facebook.

Sorry for the change of topic here :wink:
But really, Murphy’s law or big brother at their best?

Anyway, lucky we haven’t lost any family or sick. Just had the news today in our town a whole family dead from corona. Older parents and son. :cold_sweat:
It’s shocking!

Anyways, Corky, Thx for being that honest with us. And i can reflect. Last years i also went through the worste time of my life, an enormous burnout and depression due to loss of work. The up side, i got to do more of my music. Last years i was almost all days playing music. It doesn’t earn much but it’s kinda a dream come through.
Needless to say, I’m a graphic designer, so jobs at age 45 are difficult. Now due to Corona it’s all gone. March and April were going to be the busiest months of my life in musical terms and this year was kinda fully booked also. Planning for months now.
All poofff gone in few days.

We’re lucky to be alive and this time gives perspectives also. Still I’m holding my heart for the future.


Oh do not get me going on Facebook, what a crock. Sorry to hear that.


Thx Brad and Fred, is it ok if i take this to another topic, i want to go further on this Facebook thing



Hm seems that we won’t get much live music this year. All big festivals are cancelled just until after summer. I hope some small concerts will be possible.
Slowly i start to understand the nature of this virus. I just saw an incredible docu in YouTube (already banned on Facebook) wich explains allot about China and the virus. And why Trump is abandoning WHO. More news articles are getting up that it’s created in a lab. Seems all possible.


There are also many sources giving good reasons to think it is a natural migration to humans from other spieces.
Surely we need to know more about that.
Trump opinions are not for me good scientific sources.
Videos on social networks can report earth is flat.


I might know a guy, and that guy might have a brother who specializes in hermetic welding, and he might have helped built a hermetically sealed building in, uh… oh yeah, Wuhan :open_mouth: Probably nothing though. And can’t prove none of it, maybe he talks out his ass :smiley: :smiley:


Please don’t talk about me in public!!


Here’s the original research published in Nature:

And of additional note is the reluctant admission from the US military that they believe it originated naturally. They would sorely love to point the finger at China.

There is simply no real evidence that it’s man-made, but there is good scientific evidence that it is naturally evolved.


Indeed, research like this one tend to show they are even more corona virus naturally found in bats :frowning:


It doesn’t have to be man made to have been a man-caused accident. There’s now mounting evidence that it comes from that research facility in Wuhan and that said facility was woefully insufficient in its procedures; it seems that they were cited YEARS ago and that something like this was almost inevitable. It doesn’t have to have happened maliciously to have the same outcome. Chances are it will come out that this was a tragic accident, but one that could have been prevented and there may have to come a time for some accountability. Of course, at the moment it’s all speculation. We’ll see. We may never really know and of course, knowing won’t change the outcome.


How strong is the evidence that it emerged from the research facility?


Remains to be seen. It’s an ongoing situation.


For anyone interested the Ep 768 of Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast has a good explanation about the evidence for the natural evolution of this virus. In fact that entire episode is worth your time - especially the first 40 minutes for coronavirus related discussion.

As for the US, Trump, Republicans and the WHO, I’m reluctant to post political stuff, but this is article provides some good historical background. Which leads into globalism for which I’d recommend Steven Pinker’s book Enlightenment Now which makes strong case for how it helps prevent wars and international conflicts.