Stay at home projects

I loved this! Really made my week.

  • Paul
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You made my day Corky! You are so talented.
I could feel the groove, and you kicking butt.

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Very nice - already watched it several times.

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Many Thanks guys. Glad you liked it. Took a lot of time, but I had fun making it. Kept me busy for sure.


In case anyone wants it, the B5 preset for my project is here:


Finally a preset that I can load, as I don’t use cantabile! Thanks, and great cover!

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You use B5?

Yes! I load it on Mainstage or Ableton. And I got the Amplitube Leslie now, but haven’t tested it yet.

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Cool…that’s great! By Chance, do you use B3-X? I am creating a few presets for @Wurli, and will post them soon on the VST Organ thread. Sorry Cantabile isn’t yet available for Mac, cause you guys are really missing out on many great things. Most of all, you miss out on my presets! :wink:

When B5 is not quite sitting right, Amplitube Leslie will bring it to life!

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Excellent , one man band, you rock Corky :metal: I also play guitar, bass and blues harp, love your performance, great musician and great tone.

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Thanks Wurli!! :sunglasses:

From all that I read and listen, it seems that B3-X is kinda the definitive Hammond plugin emulation! I will sure get it when the right comination of IK Multimedia promo + Me having some jampoints and money happens!

A great price on B3-X really happened some months ago but I didn’t had the money :sweat_smile:


The way I look at it, is if the IK B3-X is endorsed by Hammond-Suzuki, then it must be in the top ranks of emulation for them to provide that endorsement.

Obviously we will have different tastes, and a specific plugin may be better for getting a specific sound.

Which is why I have an arsenal of Hammonds. Kinda like my usage of B5 above :arrow_up:
I knew it would fit perfectly into the project with it’s amazing Gospel tones. Not saying the others wouldn’t…just knew what I wanted, and where to get it. VB3 1.4, VB3 II, Blue3, B5, B3-X, and others, still reside in my setlists.

Example: I was looking for a specific organ tone in Clapton’s live version of “Can’t Find My Way Home”. This was before B3-X entered the scene. I settled on VB3 II with IK Leslie. While VB3 II is not a favorite, I tuned right in after adding IK Leslie. These two paired together can really make some magic. That is why I paired IK with all my presets. In most instances, IK made things better. It’s all about the song, where it sits in the mix, and playability. Being satisfied with the instrument you are playing makes one’s performance excel.

I spend much time finding my desired tone, whether Hammond, Guitar Sims,Bass, Piano…whatever. It is a great feeling knowing the next song will automatically have what I need to put a smile on my performance…no worries, no hassles, no distraction, perfect song execution. Happy me, happy band, happy audience, happy tip bucket!


I agree… That said though, B3-X is pretty much my go-to at this point.

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Here’s a cover that I started before COVID, but ended up finishing and mixing it (didn’t see this thread before today).

Song for My Father (Azzarello, Marshall, Miller, Sucherman)

Real players on drums, guitar and bass with my arranging and keyboard playing. Lot of fun to work on, and it was great to collaborate with some great players on this.



Love that. Great production.

It says I cant listen 'cos I am not authorised to download the file - or something similar :slight_smile:



Nice !!