Stay at home projects


Sounds good Randal! Jamstix is kicking well. :+1:


Nice! How does Jamstix like playing in 5/4?


Thanks! Jamstix is a nice program and a great tool for a non-drummer, IMO.


Jamstix handled 5/4 really well. I bought the Odd Time pack and used the drummer and one of the styles that came with it. Then I just did the normal Jamstix arrangement task of building a song with intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc parts and for the most part churned out a natural sounding part that was like the one I was hearing in my head. I was very pleased with its performance. I did throw a few crash cymbal loops into some key spots (not very many) to emphasize some “feel” elements. The bridge switches to a “3 + 2” feel and I added loops on the “2” beats to pull out the emphasis. The verses are “2 + 3” and the chorus is five “2s” for which the Jamstix 5/4 feel underneath those worked great on its own. It is a fun plugin.



Jumping through hoops to make this work, but having fun. Had to trash my earlier efforts and moved to a more responsive e-kit, and found a good tone for my Bass. Finally, things are coming together. Laying down organ track today. Guitars tonight, and horns tomorrow (if my embouchure holds up). Hope to be done this coming week, after vocal and mixing.


Sorry I missed this message. I appreciate all your effort Corky and look forward to your creation! :smile: You will make my one man band look small … :grin:



I was really impressed with this lockdown rendition of Roundabout.


Wow, that was exellent. Sounds NAILED!! They make a better Yes cover band than anyone I’ve come across, including the actual one right now :smiley: :smiley:


Sad but true about the latter point; they have become a parody of themselves. Not that I would ever try to play Yes myself as I don’t have the playing chops of Wakeman, but I recently watched the current incarnation of Yes trying to pull off the "Gates of Delirium (I love the YesShows live version far more than the studio version). It sounded awful.

It still makes me cringe! They are so all over the place…

I did saw ARW a few years back and they were OK. Trevor Rabin was great on his era songs, but he is no Steve Howe.

And have you heard “From A Page” curated from studio tapes of aborted songs that Oliver Wakeman was given when he was sacked? He has completed and issued the songs with Howe’s blessing, and they are excellent and show what could have been compared to “Heaven and Earth”, which I cannot listen to.


I’ve heard the one song and thought it was quite good. Havn’t bought it though. I would never diss Yes in public because Jon Davison is still a good frined but… yeah, sigh ARW has their issus but the rhythm section ain’t one of them! And Jon Anderson is back to sounding quite good these days. Steve Howe isn’t really Steve Howe any more…



I took the cue from @DaveDore’, and did a remake of Memphis song. Bad Case Of Love by BB King is one of my favorites. This is a take on his best version from the Blues On The Bayou album. It is not exact, but is not meant to be. I painfully played all the instruments….all the notes.

I played drums on a set of Roland TD-30KV E-Drums, furnished by a good friend.

I used Acoustic Samples B5 for the Hammond, mainly because it has some great Gospel tones, and just fit the project perfectly.

The horns slowed me down since I haven’t played Trumpet and Trombone in a few years. Sax was only slightly rusty.

Bass and Harmonica was no problem.

I think the last time I played a gig was March 13th. I started this project around June 20th. It amazed me how my skills declined in that time. Guitar and keys took awhile to feel a little comfortable again. I tried to lay down the vocal in mid August after 5 months no singing. Big mistake, but after a few days, it somewhat crawled back to 60%.

Thanks for the challenge Dave, it got me out of my funk, and back to what I love doing. Don’t ever want to get that rusty again.

Corky’s VST Organ Tips and Tweaks Page :musical_keyboard:

\m/ \m/ Awesome! Sounds like BB singing almost. Organ sounds great.


Thanks Fred.


Hey Corky,

Well my waiting is over and the gifts have arrived from the Blues capitol of the world and in a word they were outstanding! I could feel you and Memphis from here! You definitely are a talented and practiced player with many skills to offer any group. It explains why you are in multiple bands for sure. Your drumming was great and on the beat real well. I really loved it all (I love the horns!!) but for me the B5 patch and the organ playing in particular are stellar and your wigs are a must!! :wink: You are a true musician my friend and I greatly appreciate this offering, I know the effort that was taken from working on one man recordings for years and I am super impressed. My Covid blues were lifted effectively for a spell and I thank you for it. Now if I could only get some take out for those ribs :yum:




Fabulous one-man-band!!! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::trumpet::drum::musical_keyboard::microphone:

Now you’ve got my fingers itchin’…

Like the gospel organ - what are the drawbars set at?




Hi Torsten, hope all is well,

3:18 in the video I think, there is a screenshot of B5 there …




Many thanks Torsten. The drawbars are full out. The secret of that sound is in the Hammond model, Leslie speed, two hand playing (full chords), and the “woody” sound of B5. I will post the B5 patch today for anyone who wants it. I also may try to duplicate it with the other clones if anyone is interested. This sound is indicative of most Gospel players I’ve been around. Billy Preston stylings on the chord movements. The original I drew from sounds much the same, but much better than I could do.

That was a screen shot off Acoustic Samples site. Was easier than trying to take one of what I was using. lol. Sorry, just being lazy. :pleading_face:


Me too, it looked like a standard 3 up but I wasn’t sure …


Yeah, but that can’t have been the sound - far more upper drawbars involved…

Yup - that’s more like it. I can get into similar territory with the Hammond B-3x, but it requires a bit of “slimming it down” in the mids - it’s a bit more beefy there. But with a bit of EQ pedal and Leslie EQ, I can get some sweet sounds.

I’ve tended to stay away from “all-out” so far, but starting to appreciate it when thinned a bit. Thanx for that!


yes my bad …