Stay at home projects


I got away with a fair amount of programmed guitar on the last album hding behind the real stuff lol but generally it’s not worth the amount of hassle when someone could just play it easily. I like those two songs! Fat sounds. The first has a good classic Prince vibe.


Unleash the inner Emmerson!

Sounds great.


Yes, I have always been drawn to the Yamaha sound. There is something about it. I still have SY99, TG77, AN1x, EX5R, Motif Rack ES (with PLG150-AN and PLG150-VL) FS1r and the Montage - which is very SY like to me. I went to the “dark side” and Korg in 2014 with the Kronos as the only Korg I have ever really liked the sound of, and because Yamaha had stopped innovating. The Korg sounded great in a different way and I had plenty of Yamaha tech at the time, and the Motif range was not inspiring me because I have what I consider to Yamaha’s pinnacle in my studio (apart from the CS80 - for which a VST form is all I have room for!)

I was hoping with the Montage that Yamaha would package a lot of their tech that has fallen by the wayside or the years (AN, VL, FS1r, EX5 FDSP, etc.), and make a serious Kronos competitor (with its 9 sound engines) so was disappointed when it was more “AWM and half an FS1r” (no unvoiced operators or formant sequencing).

So I was quite critical of what the Montage was on paper. But I needed to replace my ageing EX5s from gigging as they were suffering from PSU problems. I did consider going MIDI controller only, but I am very partial to the semi-weighted 76 key format and I could not find a controller that met my needs in that regards. So travelled to Cardiff (four hour round trip for me), demoed a Montage 7 and within an hour I walked out the store with one.

It sounds great and very SY like to me, in that the AWM and FM engines cover a lot of ground, and of course I have Cantabile and VSTs for what it doesn’t. I was seriously impressed with its sound.

Thanks for the comment on the music. I liked yours as well. I think everybody scavenges to an extent in that influences rub off on us. I often take great songs, look at their chord sequences and maybe chop and change them a little to come up with something different.

There is lots of great music in different styles on this thread


As promised. Dig out the 80s clothes!
The Hunt


I think my family is not cool with my dance technique :sunglasses: … well, they are not amused but it’s because they can’t bust a move anyway. I loved the piece and the upbeat mood of it! Thanks The_Elf, a wonderful choice …



A-ha would be proud! Very authentic vibe. I wonder if the Taurus 1 pedals are now the rarest thing you have. You can’t get those for love or money any more. We tried about five years ago and there simply weren’t any on the market.


So eighties I nearly felt the need for shoulder pads! :slight_smile:


Yes, the Taurus is a rare item, and always was really. I had two through my hands - I sold one (previously owned by Sting and heavily modified) and saw it wrecked by a mad bassist friend. I think I know where it is and it is in a pretty sorry state.

I bought a Taurus 3, but I didn’t find it useful. It was OK, but didn’t have the immediacy of the original and there was something just not quite right in the basic sound. I sold it.

As a backup to my aging Taurus I bought a Minitaur, but it really doesn’t have the heritage sound.

(Let’s leave the Taurus 2 where it belongs - justifiably forgotten…)

So yes, original and best. It’s one of those items you buy for life.


Would love to have one, but the odds are pretty small, so I make do with that awesome sound in VST form.


If you use the Hollowsun Taurus - guess where those samples came from… :wink:

If you ever need real Taurus, just drop the MIDI on me and I’ll track it for you.


I’ll have to look at that one. It’s the SmartElectix one that use.

Thanks very much for the kind offer of tracking, I may take you up on that next time i use a Taurus sound in the track. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s tempting… in the mix the little Smart Electronix usually does fine for us. We also bought a Minitaur and, while it’s a fine fat sound, it does lack the true Taurus character. We had two sets of Taurus 1 pedals. One was wrecked by the technician for Anglegard at NEARFest 2003. They borrowed ours because they needed three sets. We had maybe two slightly intermittent contacts and he took it on himself to “fix” them. All the contacts were ruined. After that we got a 2nd set but eventually both got to the point that refurbing them would have been so expensive it was better to sell them to those that were willing to do it. To this day at any American prog festival they will get you anything for back line- They’ll get you MiniMoogs, they’ll get you Hammonds, at the big ones they’ll get you Mellotrons- but they can’t get you Taurus pedals. The best you’ll get is something like a Little Phatty with midi pedals.


I’m happy to track my Taurus for any of you guys.


So many fine music here. I thought I have to make some tunes too but at the moment even rehearsal isn’t possible with the band.
However, I found an exercise on my HDD that I made before I joined the jazz rock band. Just combined it with some snippets from old band recordings at the beginning and the end.
(Due to the video animation the file size is rather big (74 MB)


Oh cool! You fooled me, I thought it was a Chicago cover at first :smiley:


Like it! Unlike Fred, I would have guessed Blood Sweat & Tears. :grin:


Oh crap… it is isn’t it :smiley: :rofl: Wait though… is it? Hey all that jazz rock crap sounds the same :stuck_out_tongue: (j/k)


Here is a song I wrote, recorded, and mixed/mastered during our lockdown. It combines my desire to write a song in 5/4 time with thoughts from a commentary on the Gospels I had read a few months ago. I am singing all the parts , playing the five guitar parts, and playing the bass. I arranged the keys with Jammer Pro and the drums with Jamstix.


@FredProgGH Hard to imagine that song, Journey of the New Dude, ever sounding sucky… It is quite amazing now! :slight_smile:



lol That’s my working title on the file btw, an in-joke. It is actually Song of the Dunedain and I would scrub the Earth of the original like George Lucas scrubbed the Earth of the Star Wars Holiday special. Well, actually he couldn’t. But he wanted to.