Stay at home projects

Post anything here that you’ve created as a recent shut-in. Time to get out of the stay-at-home funk, and do something. Make some music and share. :musical_note::musical_note::musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:

I helped my son mix his bands newest recordings:


Sweet! It’s like ambient metal.

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Yeah, I can hear that. They are 3-piece.

Neat, does tbe guitar player play to a looper?

Yes, guitarist loops. My son plays Bass and Guitar, and loops some of his stuff. They do all this live. Here is one of there recording session vids:

He is the freak with the beard.

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That’s killer! Young musicians now are so freakin tight.

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This was cool. thanks for sharing.

  • Paul
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Here’s a complete change of pace for this crowd. :wink:
I learned many years ago (from an 80+ yo choir member) that the voice is one of our longest lasting gifts.

September Morn - Neil (5.7 MB)

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Very nice Douglas! Great arrangement and voice! I actually had some Neil Diamond fans at one of my last gigs. They offered $40 bucks to play a couple…but the band didn’t know any. I performed Solitary Man, Cherry Cherry, I’m A Believer, and Kentucky Woman by myself, from my unreliable memory. They were happy, the band took a break, shaking their heads, and I collected the $$. Age has it’s advantages. :wink:

I was attempting (unsuccessfully) to add a link to my Dropbox.

Works fine for me… will listen soon.

OK, before I present this I have to do a LOT of prefacing :smiley:
What I’m trying to do is make a fake lost album from the 70s. This is a band influenced a lot by VdGG and Gentle Giant. They have a drummer, bass player, keyboardist, cello player who doubles on keys and winds player who might also drop a keyboard lick here or there. They don’t have a guitar player. They aren’t a band that could afford all the cool instruments- they use a Farfisa organ, not a Hammond; they use Rhodes and clav and ARP string ensemble. They probably use a cheap synth like an Odyssey. :wink: They cheat a little in the studio and use better studio gear, but not much.

This is in EARLY stages for me- there’s no mixing at all, just raw sequenced tracks. As it develops I’ll go back and work a lot more on the drums especially. And of course there’s no vocals yet; that’s all in my head. If you think it’s a cool direction please tell me and if you don’t please don’t :smiley: :smiley:

This is one of the bouncier tunes so far…


I am liking it. It sounds vaguely familiar. Haven’t put a finger on it yet.


lol Hope I didn’t subconciously rip something off… that little asending riff is something I’ve done before though I think. That’s one of my go-to riffs but I left it anyway. Here’s one more- it’s set up to be the “epic” closing track. Hopefully it doesn’t get boring without vocals on it.


That’s nice! I’ve not heard that song before… I strongly suspect I would prefer your version to his because I’m not realy a fan of Neil’s delivery :wink:

Neil is like Chuck Norris…Neil doesn’t deliver…others deliver for him.

I doubt that, but we all subconsciously copy in some ways.

OK…I dig it. At 1st, I thought this to be a less funky Tower Of Power track, lol. Epic closing…yep!

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It’s got more than a little Court of the Crimson King in it but I think it’s different enough to get away with. I have an actual funky track that I wrote in the 80s am trying to rework but so far it’s an epic fail and I don’t know if it’s fixable.

I have many like that, but more seventies feeling than eighties. Almost embarrassing in today’s world. Man, just rework it and see what you get. I’ll listen.

I wrote it in the 80s. It feels 70s though. :wink:

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