Stay at home projects


Tarkus . . . .:laughing:


I knew I would regret this…:roll_eyes:


But, don’t be surprised, lol. :grin: My fingers might possibly get through it…not. The Bass part, I can handle. But, I haven’t played drums regularly since the 80’s. I am not going to drag out my Slingerlands, so an e-kit will have to suffice. Since my kick side is on my fractured hip, I may be dragging somewhat. :laughing: ALSO, it would have to be a 5 minute version instead of 20 minutes…a virtual radio edit. :rofl::rofl:

Thanks Charles :smirk:


Really love it Terry… I always enjoy your projects.



Just wow!!! I LOVE this!

Where can I buy?


Thanks for the feedback, The_Elf.

I guess I will need to sort out a small store then! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, Terry. Good to know that my little noodling is appreciated in some small corner of the world.

It took me a while to play your file - Fidbak does not seem to want to play with firefox… - very relaxing and orchestral. :slight_smile:


If we are allowed to digress away from songs done on Lockdown (it was done at home!), I’d like to share some other material.

Echoes was a project from over a decade ago, starting off as a mix of prog/classic rock covers and originals, morphed to originals only, but it petered out due to the commitments of the other members. A shame, and I’d love to resurrect it if I could find like minded people around here…

Anyhow I ended up finishing off the demo songs, putting my own guitar on as well and using virtual bass and drums.

This song was an experiment in taking a trance/dance type sound and seeing if I could make a prog song out of it. Any AN1x owners (past or present) out there might recognise the arpeggiatted sound as the first factory sound.

Basically this is mostly AN1x and SY77 - the intro pad is SY77. And my guitar playing as well, which was coming along not too badly at the time.

Oh, and I forgot that the synth around 3M is my trusty old Nord G2 Engine. All done pre-Cantabile/VST days for me :slight_smile:


I’m re-making a track I recorded back in 1982. I’m mostly using the same instruments and sounds. At some point in the next couple of days it should be ready…


I like it. Please tell us what you used for sax. Everything sounded great.


Thanks! I used Audio Modeling SWAM saxes. The soprano is much more forgiving than the tenor and alto. It’s really easy to fall into uncanny valley territory- it almost seems like the closer you get to sounding “real” the more it doesn’t! I did a song for a girl recently and I used a Mellotron sax and in the mix it wound up sounding amazing- I was going to let it sound all proceesed and fake and it wound up sounding like a real sax player- because it is, I suppose- but as a Tron instrument it’s limited on how you can play it.


Was there any Yamaha Montage on that?


Hi, the Montage has featured in all of the Specral Streams tracks I posted above, but the Echoes one preceded it. “Mists of Avalon” and “Emerald forest” were both based on Montage Motion Sequences, and “Mist On the Silk Road” was inspired by a Motif XF Patch that appeared after one of the Montage OS upgrades where the entire XF preset library appeared.

One thing that has impressed me with the Montage is backwards compatibility. I have managed to import Motif Rack ES data (I have had one since 2005) into the Montage and when I A/B the Montage against the same patch in the Motif Rack ES, I cannot tell the difference. That is impressive! :slight_smile: To get Motif ES data in was a bit of a faff as the Montage will only read Motif XF data files, but the process is not to bad,


Well what the heck lol I wouldn’t have shared this but it is actually turning out pretty well. Glass Hammer is embarking on a remake project: first volume, The 90s, and this is the first song we ever recorded, redone with the new hotness. It’s from our first album wich is a terrible piece of crap (production-wise) and should never be heard by anyone. So with that in mind it’ll be nice to have versions of some of these songs that don’t make my skin crawl. We’ll start in on vocals tomorrow (which may ruin it again) but for now here’s a straight-off–the-DAW no mix version of the basic track for Song of the Dunedain in all its ELP rip-off glory :smiley:


I liked it a lot!! Thanks Fred, you can sure play … whew :smiley:



Aw, thanks! Truth is though, since everything is a VST now all I have to do is get close and I can cough tighten it all up with a few mouse clicks :smiley: :smiley: I have been practicing a lot over the last 6 months though, the chops are actually coming back!


Nice! Same here. I owned the Motif Classic, then added the Motif Rack ES, then I bought the Motif XF8 and I had a program in the Motif Rack ES that I have used over the years and I have been able to import them across Motifs seamlessly. I only wanted the Montage for the integrated audio interface and the onboard improved DX7 (which I owned from 1984 to 1997).

I have used the motion sequencer on the Montage for some of those Omnisphere-like ultra long LFOs. The Montage LFO (the new one) could not allow start times to be staggered across elements (bummer). I was able to do that on the Motif.

Obviously I am a Yamaha super fan. Not that I haven’t used other synths. I have owned the Juno 106, Korg DW8000, Roland JX-3P, Oberheim Matrix 6, Roland JV-880, Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano, Kurzweil K2000 but when I hit the Motif Classic in 2001, then the Motif Rack ES and VST synths, all the other stuff was sold.

I am going to be listening to Fred’s stuff after writing this. Two things I absolutely love doing.1) Hearing other musicians’ original music and 2) Attending as many local live music events as possible. Lots of excellent talent out there. Yours being one of them, for sure! I don’t have much originality, but I am a scavenger of other people’s creativity.


Nice !!


Well, now. That’s some hot stuff!! So, the eguitar, is that an actual electric guitar? This was an entire journey across all kinds of musical styles. What a fun trip.

Here are a couple of mine. Not on the talent level of you all, but just having fun.

Not sure if I have shared them before.


Yes, the guitar is by the same kid who played on the last two albums- he just graduaied high school! The orignal 27 years ago didn’t have any guitar so it’s fun to hear it with.


That is some epic guitar. I figured, because there were nuances that could not be reconstructed on a synth, but if you did, I wanted to know. Nice stuff.