Stay at home projects


Love it Dave! You got some good hang time on your lead. You using an amp sim?


Hi Corky,

Yea, an amp sim and some slow finger vibrato, it was the Ampire that comes with Studio One and had a few of the Ampire preamp pedals before the sim and then it all was fed to an Echoboy plugin using the Space Echo algorithm. The guitar was a Korean made Malden Karma which is a sort of take on a Les Paul shape wise but way thinner and lighter like an SG and rigged with standard double humbuckers. The guitar is incredible and sings by itself it feels like. I use S-Gear now and get pretty close to the same if I add some pre pedal plugs. Thanks for taking a listen.




I enjoyed it. Was wondering about the guitar. A couple of places, it almost had a Strat sound. Knew it wasn’t Les Paul. Sounds good tho.


This is all inspiring stuff!

I have an urge to dig into my old tunes…


Lovely playing and tone


reeeeeally nice :slight_smile:


Here’s something completely different:

I ran a little cooperative project with a team at work (strategy consultancy) - surprisingly high percentage of musically active team members, but of course rank amateurs across the board. Still, we set our mind on doing something collaboratively during our work-from-home time, so we decided to remote-produce a song. I knocked something together stealing from a couple of sources (can you tell which ones?), wrote some lyrics that fit the situation, and produced a base track (drums, bass, a bit of keys, guide vocals). Then everybody in the team grabbed their iPhones, downloaded BandLab and started adding their bits and pieces - some vocals, some DJing sound FX, guitars, keyboards, sax etc.

After all was done, I downloaded the tracks from BandLab, fired up Cubase and tried to make some sense of it. We even produced a video, but unfortunately I can’t share that :wink:

Here’s the result - don’t expect any level of (semi-)professional quality, but the lack of technical ability and sound quality was certainly balanced by the collective enthusiasm - it was tons of fun!

For the UK folks: in Germany “home office” is not the government, but a synonym for “work-from-home”.

Maybe we can do something similar here - a nice forum collaboration?




Hugely FUN!!


A lockdown collaboration. I’m on keys and guitars and stitched everything together. The other guitarist is Jeff Barnes with his daughter singing.


Very slick production Allen! I really enjoyed it. The collaboration was a great success! Along with the excellent musical skills shown I especially appreciated the video editing work and timing … :+1:




That is great Alan! Enjoyed it very much. Really liked your improv during the interlude. How did you guys set this up?


Guess I’m gonna have to get off my dead butt and post something of mine. :roll_eyes:

Any reasonable requests? I will be playing all the instruments, so be nice. :astonished:

I may regret this.


Something with some Memphis flavored Hammond styling! :star_struck:


I can do that, for sure! Got something in mind right now.


I welcome your urge to share!


Nice! What did you use for bass? Sounds like the old Scarbe basses, really good.


So I put together the basic track of drums bass Epiano and Grand using Superior Drummer 3, Trillian for bass, Keyscape for Rhodes and The Grandeur for the piano. The DAW is Cubase 10 Pro. Sent it over to a friend for guitar and Vocals which was returned with Videos. We both added backing vocals. I added guitar solos and that was that. Great fun to do. I just play in a semi pro band around South East London England (With guitars and keys powered by the fantastic Cantabile Performer) but the other guitarist, Jeff Barnes, used to tour with Cliff Richard back in the eighties. I am Missing gigging like crazy. Stay safe everyone.


Thanks for the info Alan! :+1:


I assumed that was S3, surprised by Trillian though! Even though I do use that a fair amount lol


Heh - I’ve been doing the same - remastering and slicing up material from the year of daily live shows and throwing them up on BandCamp. (I’ve actually sold a few albums, too!!!) :slight_smile:

I have to go beyond just mastering stuff and make some new music. I did write a little thing using the Wagner Tubas that Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 gives you for free (four performers plus an ensemble - pretty cool!) I might flesh it out with more instruments, as I liked the idea.

Anyway, a little something different! :blush:


P.S. - Definitely followed Derek/Spectral Streams on Soundcloud! Lovely stuff! :slight_smile: