Dmxis vst and cantabile

Who uses that?

Just to know if it works well together with c3…

If it´s cpu quite low?

If there are better/other choices?

There are many threads on this subject. The search engine on this site is your friend. I always use it first before I ask any questions. Here is one of the threads:


Thank you,

I read them before.

Just wanna know about cpu load and alternative if there are some.

You must have skipped over these:

twaw: How heavy is the cpu load on Lightjams or DMXIS?

Robb_Fesig: The load on the PC with QLC+ is minimal, and it’s got a lot of options for automated light shows. Using Cantabile Performer, QLC+, LoopMIDI, and PizMIDI plugins, I’ve got scene changes and beat detection down pat. We’ve got a 40 “can” light show that runs itself, and compliments from our audiences on how great it is to see the lighting adding “drama” instead of just blinking randomly.

a6325435: Hi Twaw. Negligible extra load on Cantabile’s load meter (3% or less) for me when running Lightjams minimised with 23 RGB fixtures, 8 of which are moving heads.

Lightjams is standalone as are all the other programs except for DMXIS. DMXIS can operate as a VST plugin.

I run LoopMidi which creates virtual midi ports on the same PC as if they were hardware. C3 sends out to one of these ports and Lightjams listens to the same port.

Part of this huge thread:


Thank you!

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I use it, and never noticed an issue with CPU load, but can check sometime using Cantabile’s performance profiler if you wish.

In Welsh Floyd (if ever we get going again) we have backing tracks for sound effects and background instruments and click for drummer, playing live over that, and that of course gave us an option via DMXIS to give us a light show synced to the backing tracks with tempo synced light cue accuracy that a light man would not be able to match and without the overhead of paying a lightman. We also have our video laptop triggering off the transport for each song via a network rtpMIDI connection.

Can provide the details if you wish on either when I am back home from a business trip

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So if I understand you have a second pc for the lights. You can synchronise a second pc to a first one that use cantabile? Am I right?

I’d like to jump in this topic, because I have been wanting to add some lighting in a more professional way, and have been thinking about a small DMX controller. We have 2 - 56W pars and the same in a center light bar. They are currently set for sound activation.

I want to add 3 pin spots that will work off a midi track and go on and off as each person sings or solos, or is singing backing vocals. I think I’ve got the basic gist of it down, but want to make sure I am using the best and easiest way to make this happen. I think the synced pars/light bar will probably stay sound activated, as I do not have the time to sit and create a whole light show…maybe down the road, but for now, if I can make the spots happen, I will be a very happy camper. It has to be as automated as possible in the easiest way possible. I run sound and will be running pretty much everything, hence the need for simplicity. Took a look at DMXIS software and it seems great, but maybe a bit of overkill to my eyes…I would majorly appreciate any advice from our more advanced light show creators. I want to be like Ron Popeil on this one…set it and forget it.

Hmmmm…isn’t he dead? :rofl:

Yes…he has been set and forgotten…just a bit less than a month ago actually…but the set it and forget it concept lives on. The man is an innovator to say the least

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The Dial-O-Matic
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I’ve been running a combination of Cantabile and QLC+ for almost 3 years now.
Cantabile controls QLC+ using LoopMIDI and transport based triggers. I’ve got two plugins that generate a CC on each beat and a separate CC on each bar. These CCs are sent to QLC+ which control scene change. Special effect lighting (fogger, lasers, derbys) are triggered via the transport timeline. You could do something similar with pin spots.

I’ve recently started using rtpMIDI to communicate with an additional laptop from Cantabile to do video via Show Cue Systems software. I needed software that did video in real-time because for most songs I play the original video and it syncs to what we’re playing.

If anything I mentioned sounds like something you’d be interested in, ask me here and I can explain in more depth.

Robb…absolutely all of the above. If it fits the concept, and plays well with Cantabile, I’m all ears. Appreciate anything you have time to share.


No. I have a single NUC PC with a MIDI track in Cantabile doing the lights via DMXIS VST driving the DMXIS module. Out videos are run on a separate laptop, as I did not want video performance and audio performance competing with each other

I also use ShowCueSystems for video. It is a little clunky, but the only affordable software I found that could be triggered via MIDI

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That is what I do with DMXIS. Robb is using QLC+ which I do not know much about, so you have a choice.

I build my backing tracks in Cubase and also then build the light show MIDI track at the same time. Audio and MIDI get exported to Cantabile and added to the song’s media players. I gave the MIDI track as the master transport as it also gives me the tempo/time signature info. The MIDI is routed to a linked rack in all of my songs which has the DMXIS plugin in.

All works a charm.

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That’s done … I bought my first dmxbox yesterday… the dmxis.
I tried a lot of application for free to taste them.
I was quite happy with the cameo app:) but really think that the dmxis is the simplest one.

I 'll receive it next week and will make some test.

I let down the idea to have 2 pc running in sync… the vst option of the dmxis convinced me…
Hope it will run well!!

Thanx for all the answers, they helped me to make my choice.

See ya

Hi @Derek, interesting approach.
You obviously use backing tracks / click tracks for any song in the setlist which would explain why you always have a fitting lightshow available. This way you also don‘t have to care about changes in the setlist, right?

Just curious: what happens in between 2 songs? Is there a basic lightscene called up automatically at the end of a song that persists until next song is started or do you use midi controllers to directly control some basic luminaries if necessary (or maybe something totally different)?

Thanks and regards, Volker

Hi, Volker

Being a tribute act, we always play a fixed linear set, so I simply have the end cue in the last song as the first cue in the next song.

And you are correct we always play to backing tracks as it is the only way for a small four piece band to get the full Floyd sound and have all the sound effects as well. So I saw when we migrated to Cantabile 2 as a way of playing backing tracks as an alternative to the aging MINI-DISC player that the band had, I saw the potential to use something like DMXIS to build an automated light show synced to the audio in a beat perfect manner

I also have a few basic cues that used to be selected by control buttons on my old novation MIDI controller, but currently I have a PC keyboard key bound to reset to the first cue in a song if I need to reset the lights for whatever reason.


Yep, close to what I was guessing and I totally understand the backing track approach if you want to get close to the real thing (especially if it comes to floyd :wink:)

Thanks for giving some insight and I keep fingers crossed for some great shows to come.

Regards, Volker :grinning:


Because I have so much on my plate at the moment with multiple projects going on, in order to get off the ground on this, my long range plan is to start out with the pars on sound activation, and work on using the pin spots to feature each player. As I go along, I would like to be able to put together a show by doing songs as time allows. What basics do I need as far as DMXIS and Show Buddy, etc? The eye is on basic now, with future expansion into a full show