COVID-19 - When You Least Expect It 😷

Hey everyone. Thought I would drop a little note about life as it is now. I’ve not known anyone who has contracted the virus. I sanitize, stay home as much as I can stand, and basically have become a shut-in germaphobe.

Last Saturday, I became exposed, purely by accident. I have a short cough I attribute to my perpetual allergies. Been very tired, and since most food has little taste, or makes me nauseous, I am not eating much. Fortunately, no fever, but is required to receive a test here. I am self-quarantining till next weekend, and am looking for a test site without requirements. Was very concerned at first(regarding my age), but keeping things in check and carrying on.

Please don’t let your guard down as time goes on, as cases are supposedly spiking again. Hopefully, I dodged this bullet, and wish for all my friends here to stay safe.

Corky :mask:


My deepest wishes for a safe and quick recovery Corky, we have experienced a steady increase here in my little berg so as you say it is possible to become exposed even when watching out for it. Sure sounds like some of the symptoms match up. Keep us in the loop if possible about your test and progress. :worried:


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Thanks Dave. I seem to be constantly stepping in a big pile of :poop: with every step this year. C’mon 2021!

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Likewise, Corky. Wishing you all the best

I’ve come down with something this weekend as I have been working insane hours in work, and this is the first weekend off in a month, and this always happens to me when I stop pushing!

But I have a runny nose and no temperature or dry cough, so I guess it is just something “normal”

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Hi Corky,

all the best also from my side. I keep fingers crossed and hope you either are not touched or - in case - will go through it with next to no downsides.

Please keep in mind: you are such an important and kind person for many of us here and thus lots of good thoughts from us. I‘m sure this will help.

Kind regards and let us know what happens, please, Volker

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Hey @Corky, get better soon - best wishes from Germ-any…

BTW: how 'bout faking a bit of a fever (or exaggerating the tastelessness) to get a test? It does give a lot of peace of mind to know - took a voluntary test in September after our vacation, and it was very good to get the negative result. Can’t understand they only let people get tested when they have a fever - at this phase of the pandemic, asymptomatic testing is an important element of disease control. But it all seems to be even more chaotic in the US than it is here. At least in Germany wearing a mask is not a political statement :mask:

All the best!



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Hi @Corky
I’m sending you the rays of goodness from Russia!
Take care and be safe! :metal:

regards, Alexander

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Many thanks guys! I live 20 minutes from 2 state lines, but non-residents are not being tested unless hospitalized, or showing fever. Spiking cases here are already filling hospital rooms again (just like earlier this year), which is why the restrictions are on tests.

Fortunately, I’ve done tons of charity work in past years, and gained many friends at St. Judes, and LeBonheur Hospitals. After a few calls to those friends, and emails to my Dr., I will possibly get a test tomorrow. I guess Karma isn’t always a bitch as they say!

Love it! :rofl:

Regards… :mask:

Get well soon @Corky.
And really hoping you dodged a bullet.

For everyone else, Corky has good pandemic advise,
“Please don’t let your guard down”
Be safe & stay safe.

The 2nd wave of covid is spiking in Canada. Luckily, not many cases where I live yet.

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Hi Corky - hope you get well soon.

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Hi Corky,

Hang in there if you do have it, according info released last month by the CDC very few people without serious comorbidities are in danger from the virus. Although while they have it they are seriously dangerous to the people with the comorbidities. Even elderly people who are healthy are making it through.



Thanks Doug

I gotta tell you, when I 1st found out I was exposed, my knees went weak. I was truly stunned. Other than that particular moment, and certain symptoms cropping up, I’ve been keeping positive thoughts on everything. I realize that the Covid going around now, isn’t the same as it was in March, and is less deadly after morphing several times. It is still dangerous, and to be respected.

Keeping you in my thoughts Corky!

  • Paul
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Good luck man, we’ll be pulling for ya!

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Corky, what a bad news! Get well soon.

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Hi Corky,

Best wishes from Guadeloupe where the COVID situation is not under control.

Thanks for your advice.

Let us know about your test.


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Get well soon Corky,

Best wishes from the Covid cess-pit that is London.


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Best wishes of a speed recovery, Corky!
I really appreciate your contributions here (after having read tons of old threads :laughing:)

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Great cess-pit in north-Italy too. I’m quite worried.

More like an armpit here. Still spiking. Hospitals are warning a possible overflow again.