COVID-19 - When You Least Expect It 😷


Fingers crossed for the test - and even more importantly - your health @Corky
take care


Hi @Corky

That’s scary. I hope your feeling better and haven’t been hit with this.

I thought it was just better treatment and understanding and not the morphing that’s made it less deadly?

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I feel so lucky living in Australia right now. Our case numbers are very low with occasional flare ups but our testing and contact tracing is really good…

  • The other day I woke with a slightly sore throat. Since the state govt here is urging everyone with even mild symptoms to get tested I rang the doc, had a phone consult within the hour, referred for a covid PCR test (the more accurate test) which I had within the next hour at a drive through clinic and received results by text message at 6am the next day (a Saturday no less). It really couldn’t be easier - two phone calls and a 5 minute drive. Interestingly the doc mentioned that it was more for stats and tracing reasons than symptoms that he referred me.

  • Last week my son and I went to the local shopping center. We decided to wear masks just to be safe. A couple of days later there was a report of some cases in the same shopping center. The state health website has places listed with what to do if you were in those areas (get tested immediately, watch for symptoms etc…). We were at the shopping center at 2:45, the site says to be on the look out for symptoms if you were there between 12:30 and 2pm. Close, but I feel even better for having worn masks. Because our case counts are so low we can do this detailed level of contact tracing.

It seems like there’s two parts to this working…

  1. competent leadership - providing efficient and effective testing and tracing, ability to get masks, sanitizer etc…
  2. a willing population - masks and distancing but also getting tested when you should and keeping an eye on what’s going on so you know if you’ve been exposed and what to do about it.

It also seems for some, point 2 requires point 1.

I really feel for people in countries where this is still out of control and my thoughts are with you all. Hopefully a vaccine will come soon but if not this can be managed with competent leadership and a willing population.



H i Brad

Thanks to you and the membership for the kind words. I am getting tested tomorrow…finally. The person I was exposed to infected several others that same day. I was with this person all day, and she was in the hospital the next day. I was at my Doctor’s office today with sniffles, aches, no taste and cough, but no fever. But, I am staying positive, and still believe this is an allergy thing I get this time of year. Feeling worse today than the last 3 days, but doing ok. This stuff can turn south on a dime, and that is my biggest concern. Other than that, I am working on some new setups in Cantabile…staying busy, trying to sleep in a little more.




Never underestimate the importance of sleep - there’s good evidence that good sleep can help fight off an infection. See this video for some good sensible advice.


All the best, Corky. Hoping your tests result in good news for you.


Wishing you the best too, Corky. A friend almost had me convinced that it was a hoax, until one of his friends got it. WE SHOULD HAVE PANICKED. If it doesn’t peter out on its own, we may have to start again, quarantining worldwide this time, else it will be an endless loop (un bucle infinito, in Spanish). Get well soon.


Just saw this. Sorry to hear and glad you’re getting tested. I am very anal about staying safe but you are correct in saying not to let your guard down. It can be difficult when you are with someone you know. I encourage everyone to wear a mask whenever they go out anywhere. I will be hoping all goes well and this is just a temporary thing for you. I agree about the extra sleep…we could all use some. Lay low and take it slow and keep us posted on how you’re doing.


Thanks again for the many kind words. Here is an update:

I was exposed on 10-3.

Symptoms began 10-5, and progressively got worse thru 10-8.

I took a Covid-19 PCR test on 10-13, which detects genetic information that indicates active infection and that the virus is present.
I received test results yesterday (10-16) and I tested NEGATIVE :fireworks::sparkler::confetti_ball::tada::boom::sparkler::tada:

My Doctor is setting me up with a Serology test, which will determine if I have Covid antibodies. He still suspects I had the virus, with mild symptoms, and was tested near the end of my quarantine. If antibodies are present, I had the virus, and will donate my antibodies.

Please stay safe, and understand, the scare I experienced was much too real. The person I was exposed to endured 3 days of hospitalization. One of the 11 people she exposed died. 4 were hospitalized. I, no doubt, dodged a huge bullet.




Glad you are safe Corky and doing better. :slight_smile: I am saddened by the loss of a life, my condolences. This virus is no joke for some of us, caution and safety with group gatherings this winter will be really important. Any help you and others can bring to the battle with the testing is greatly appreciated too. I guess we can’t be careful enough for the time being … :mask:

Best Regards,



Thanks Dave! Now i can go back to my normal seclusion. I am also re-thinking that big private outdoor gig I spoke with you about. I understand they are now expecting 200+ people. Three weeks away, and I am becoming very skittish now.


Very sorry to hear about the other people in this particular Covid chain, but certainly glad to hear you tested negative and are on the mend. You’ve done a great service by passing on your personal experience. Hopefully this will change the mind of anyone thinking about going out without a mask, and genuinely to be very aware of how virulent this virus is.


Glad you escaped the bullet, Corky!
I am sorry for the loss of a life.
So it seems we will benefit from your knowledge for some more time…great! :wink:


Big Gig? Full isolation suit. Hot glue some blinky LEDs on the outside . . . er . . that is . . . Glad you’re okay! Stay safe!


The gig is in Mississippi and expected attendance has now increased to 350. Yesterday, the Governor of that state announced restrictions of no more than 10 people at gatherings. I assume there will be an upcoming cancellation, so no hazmat suits with blinking lights, lol. My scare was too close to knowingly walk into a redneck Petri Dish. I will be staying warm at home in front of the tv !!


Make like the Flaming Lips … :grin:


Very spinal tap…


Oklahoma City band … believe it or not … :smile:


Yeah, probably a better choice . . . .Keep the HAZMAT with the LEDs for next time.

Stay safe!


@Corky Hi I wish you the best and hope you will recover quickly an healthy situation.
Music in addition to rest and sleep correctly should help a lot !

Best regards from France.


Hi @troman.

Merci pour les mots gentils. Le sommeil a été mon ami récemment, même s’il a parfois été difficile à réaliser. La musique a toujours été une joie, lorsqu’elle n’est pas une malédiction. Reste en sécurité mon ami.