COVID-19 - When You Least Expect It 😷


If your serology is positive not really a worry from everything I’ve seen. At least not from COVID anyway… :rofl:

As a side note, I’ve seen studies that associate severity with vitamin D deficiencies. And the deficiency correlates with increased age due to staying inside, not drinking milk. Easy enough to fix: sunlight, supplements, drink your milk. As they say, an ounce of prevention…


Definitely go outside in the afternoon - apparently just 10 minutes creates loads of vitamin D


I caved in, and was talked into playing the outdoor gig this past Saturday. When I saw the stage setup, I was relieved none of the 300+ guests could get within 40 feet of us. It was deep in the Mississippi woods at the end of a dead end road. Lots of pickup trucks, four wheelers, Confederate and American flags, Cattle and Horses, Hank Jr and Merle Haggard music playing, and some amazing Barbeque. It never got wild, everyone was nice, and they all had a good time. I’ve played many gigs like this throughout my life, and this was by far the most tame. We did, however, have one person shouting “Free Bird”.

This is my 1st gig since March 13th, and even though I’ve been practicing, the “rust” was evident to me. I made no changes in my C3 setup (which performed perfectly at my last gig), but ran into several routing problems. I haven’t unpacked my gear yet, but am anxious to figure out what I did wrong. Most of it was in my older VB3 1.4 setups.

It was really good to perform again. :mask::wink::sunglasses:


Outdoors IS generally seen as “safe”