Your best music software purchase(s) of 2021 thread

In the interest of sharing the knowledge of what’s good, and since a lot of things are still on sale…

For me it was Celestion’s Bergantino bass cab IR collection. I expected it to be good, but it’s still surpassing expectations.

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FabFilter Saturn 2
FabFilter Timeless 3
FabFilter Volcano 3

I totally like the human interfaces of Fabfilter. Timeless 2 successively replaces Relayer, which sometimes tended to instability.

Saturn 2 is a real extension to thicken the “dirt” (Jump says hello).

Volcano 3 is purely speculative added - let’s see where that sets in - pretty experimental to crazy.

Greetings, Volker


Zebra HZ (aka Dark Zebra)
Audiothing - The Orb
Kuassa - Efektor TR3604 (tremolo - sounds great on electric pianos)
Cherry Audio Quadra
Cherry Audio Mercury 4
Cherry Audio Memory Mode
Voxengo CRTIV Reverb
Voxengo Elephant

(I bought a few more Voxengo items too - I just love their stuff)

  • Paul
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Voxengo Teote & Eventide Split EQ



Cantabile Performer annual renewal.


The Kuassa WF3607 Wah is fantastic for electric pianos also. I’m going to try the Tremolo.

+1 Cantabile Performer renewal
MuTools Mux / MuLab, for their upcoming clip launching/midi sequencing vst.


UVI’s Falcon. It’s slow going at first, but worth the effort.


Same as every year… Cubase.

But Cantabile is a close second!


Vienna Bosendorfer Imperial
Cherry Audio Memorymode (Memorymoog)

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Bought a bunch of patch libraries for Unify (the plugin that I use to rule all other plugins now, making multi-VST patches to use standalone or in any DAW or in Cantabile; no more Cantabile-specific racks that don’t work elsewhere) such as:

  • Planet Pluck
  • Megamagic Pads 2 Mosaic
  • Chill Guitar
  • UniChill
  • Megamagic Keys

Also got the final step in Cubase upgrades, to Pro this year. No more watching YouTube explanations on how to do X feature and then realizing that most tutorials are based on Pro, with features I didn’t have.


Hi Lowell,

I’ve been watching the videos about Unify and thinking it might be a good idea. Would be very interested in hearing more about your experience with it. Do you find the Unify patch libraries key to success with it?


Korg Collection at holiday sale price. I had some of the apps already but just getting Triton Extreme made it worth it to me. Not to mention the larger GUI’s.


Another high value (for me) find came from Torsten’s thread about the Production Voices C300 Grand compact edition. It’s way more than passable for not much $. Thanks again Torsten for the heads up on that one!

Their FM library is great.

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Accoustic Samples Guitar Pack. It includes Guild GD 6 and Gibson Sunbird accoustic guitars, plus a number of Strat and Telecaster electric guitars. They are fully sampled, with chord strums, solo and patterns, hammer-ons, pull-offs, palm mutes, and finger-movement string “squeaks”. They also did the sampling work for Steinberg’s M Guitar and T Guitar (samples of Martin and Taylor guitars). I am waiting for AS to port it over to UVI Workstation.

Olympus Choir is excellent value for money. There are better, more comprehensive ones, but they cost much, much more. This does most of what I want from a choir vst without costing the earth.

Seventh Heaven convolution reverb is very high quality, and Baby Audio’s “Spaced Out” reverb which combines echo patterns with huge, lush reverbs and uses a brilliantly easy to use GUI to produce “how on earth did they do that?” reverb soundscapes. Highly recommended.

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All the Neural DSP plugs, Mercuriall plugs, Nembrini plugs, ML Sound Labs, Amplitube 5 upgrade, Softube, Acoustic Samples V-Horns, Ample Sound Laptop Steel (based on David Gilmour’s rig), Arturia Pigments, Martinic AX73, Korg Triton Extreme, Native Instruments Stradivari Violin and Cello, and various others. To answer the question…yes, I am broke! :smirk:


If these are your best purchases, I dare not think of the full list. :wink:


There were many more, but I would have to do a search to remember them all. :grin:

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That’s the trouble with VSTs - once you’ve got one, you get deluged with ads for others and they are all impossible to ignore! You’ve just GOTTA HAVE 'EM!

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