Your best music software purchase(s) of 2021 thread

I took the plunge for Trilian. I love it. Cubase Pro 11 upgrade is fantastic and their stock DSP and channel strip is pretty sick. However, the most used new software I got this year is Ableton 11. Wow! I love it! I started at v9, but 11 has some great additions. I have vacated the plugin-accumulation since the VSTi’s that I have are equipped with stellar onboard DSP and dynamics.

This is where I am these days. Fab Filter plug-ins are the only things I am craving at this time.

I’d have to say based on usage I should also mention IZotope’s $49 Holiday Bundle. Neutron, Ozone and the Exponential Audio reverbs are getting heavy use here. All basic boring stuff, but their implementations are all very good imo.

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I’m with sekim on the holiday bundle…definite winner, and I also give a :+1: to OB-Xd and MinimogueVA. Though the last 2 are 32 bit, I have no problems with either. They are not the originals, but they are as the saying goes, “close enough for rock n’ roll”.

End of last year I discovered the FinalMix Bus Lite plugins- nice little time savers but no vst3 versions.

I don’t know about Minimogue, but OB-Xd is definitely available in 64 bit architecture - and it’s free!

Another 2021 purchase I really enjoy: BlueCat’s ReGuitar.

Makes it a breeze to get through a gig with just one guitar - just simulate the ones you don’t carry with you. I just plug in my humbucker axe, and for the U2 stuff, I “convert it to strat” :wink: . Definitely good enough for live…

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I assume my many posts about using it live for over the last 2 years took hold? :rofl:


Which ones do you cover if you don’t mind me asking?

possibly :wink:

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Currently Streets and Still Haven’t Found. These are the ones I can manage with my meager guitar skills :wink:

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What keyboard plugin(s) are you using with this? I assumed that I had what I needed regarding sound shaping within the Pianoteq and VB3 II modules, so I am slightly reluctant to add more complexity to the setup - however, the settings are simple to understand, but I am not sure if this little gem will add something that I don’t have already.

Since I always try to keep my live setup simple (but most the time it doesn’t stay simple) I replaced my basic FX chain for instrument racks (TDR Slick EQ; FIRComp2) with FinalMix SynthBusLite.
I tried it out with pianos, e-pianos, organs and synths - works fine so far.
(Pianoteq; B3-X; several synths)

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If you ever want to add some more U2 you might check out “Crumbs From Your Table” off of Atomic Bomb. Really great sounding song that’s easy to play that nobody expects from a cover band. Another is Breath off of No Line. Instruments are easy yet in your face, but the vocal is really busy…but if its doable it has the lyric “and I’m coming down with some new Asian virus” which is a real attention grabber! :grinning:

I know you didn’t ask me, but I will also venture OT, and tell you I’ve been covering “Desire” and “When Love Comes To Town” as part of my repertoire for many years.

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LOL, when I saw a forum response email with your name on it I figured you’d be making some sort of wise crack about relating to the Breath lyric…

But in all seriousness I remember hearing “When Love Comes To Town” a few months after I had heard your voice on a clip you posted and thinking “I bet Corky would sound great singing BB’s part”.


Don’t know about the “great” part, but yes, I go into BB mode on that song.

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Hey, I’d pay to hear that!

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How much ? :rofl:


So here we are leaping into 2022!

I needed a string sound with LFO filter sweep, but couldn’t get the LFO speed I needed on my MX61, and decided an emulation of a historic synth wuld do the job. After having a good look, I cam across Quadra, which is the VST of ARP’s famous, and infamous Quadra. I drooled over one in its day, but as with most things I would like, it was outside my budget. This VST, from Cherry Audio was only about £36, and overcomes the limited memory system - the VST stores everything. So off I go and programme my string sound, only to find I have exactly the same problem with the LFO speed.

So off I go, this time via Plugin Boutique, who I an recommend as they can offer some cracking deals with huge discounts. I have ended up with Synthmaster Player and Sektor at a cost of £56 for the two. They both offer loads of different synthesis methods, from standard wafeforms through wavetable, sampled and so on.

There are over 2000 sounds with each, which as massive. I went for the Synthmaster Player because I was on a budget, and maybe should have spent a little more, although the programmability of the main one is colossal. Sektor is programmable, and quite easy to into, and I have actually got my LFO-swept string sound now, which is actually child’s play for the Sektor. Both programmes make some fantastic sounds, so i will be busy for a while roaming through them all. I am well happy!

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I do like Cherry Audio synths, specifically their Memory Moog and Quadra emulations.

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