Wiring Diagram view - anyone use it?

While reading Brad’s challenges with Diagram View I felt a bit guilty in never having found a need, or desire to use it.

Does anyone else?

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Yes! Love it! I typically switch between the diagram view and the std view. I find the diagram view gives a better overview.

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played with it a little, but prefer the standard view

Yeah, I’m another one that just uses the table view, but that’s probably because when I started using Cantabile, the wiring view didn’t exist so I got used to just using the table view, and I’m old and resistant to change…


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Definitely use it.

Use wiring diagram mainly at the start of a project, then switch to standard view, i.e. for bindings.

I find it a bit irritating when a ‘New Song’ goes straight to Diagram View. I don’t think I will ever need it.

Whenever I’ve looked at it out of curiosity it’s an absolute spider-web of lines, and no matter what I do I can’t get it so I can see anything useful. Moving things around obscures other things.

But to each their own…

You can change the view default in settings. I only use wiring view when I am searching for a problem. I am used to table view now, so I can move around it very quickly.


Great! Never noticed that. I don’t dig into settings either!

Sorry for the sloppy red circle. Freehand.


No, it’s OK I had found it! :grin:

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Yes, I use it primarily.

No, I find it difficult to sort out a complex routing without fussing with the diagram, whereas with the list it’s right in front of me.

I use list view only. With diagram view I’d need bigger screens to make it comfortable and if I remember right there are no audio meters. I think there is room for improvement with the meters in general.

Gave it a try when it was available but found it too intransparent finally

My default is table view, which i use mostly. But i’ve found wiring view very convenient when inserting effects on an instrument. Also it’s been real useful for instantly seeing what’s wrong with a routing setup - like missing routes or output to the wrong port.


At the bottom of the diagram view you will find the same information (meters included) as on the list view . You just have to select the item for which you want to have the information.

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BTW, I use mostly the diagram view. It gives me a quick and easier overview.

Thanks; I’ll have a look at the diagram view again.
For now I created an analyser rack (analyser and tuning) in the background rack that can be blended in/out with a simple click of a button. This way I see the meters full screen only when they are needed.

I love diagram view! I switch to table view when needing to get intricate! Diagram view is nicely organic whereas table and spreadsheets bring out my OCD - :slight_smile: