Where are you from? πŸ˜†


W00t, a homeboy! I grew up in Penn Hills.


FredProgGH Oh… you were in the high class neighborhood! I grew up in McKees Rocks. Played organ in a dive bar there when I was 16.


lol it was certainly better than I get the impression it is now. Although probably by now it has re-gentrified all over again.


15 miles (24km) west of Washington DC, US


Raleigh, NC USA

  • Jim


Caux (near Montpellier), France


I am frae Bonnie Scotland!


Whereabouts? I used to live in Edinburgh!


Borders hillbilly :grinning:


Toyohashi, Japan! in the middle between Tokyo and Osaka


Bruno - La Rochelle - France


Ad, originally from Utrecht (NL), already 22 years living in prov. Varese (Italy)


Hello from Nice, south of FRANCE.


Born, educated, playing in Turin, Italy.
Had some years in Milan, where I worked too much (and not played enough).


The Netherlands, near Amsterdam.


Cologne. My favourite city on earth. Would like to retire there.

Currently in Portsmouth, England but Stoke on Trent is home.


Home base is Upstate NY near Saratoga Springs,


Viareggio (LU), Italy


I was born in a driving rain . . . . .


Nancy , France ! :grinning: