Where are you from? πŸ˜†


Another German here: Berlin.


I’m in the South of England in a little village called Slindon…


Louisville Kentucky US metro area … technically Jeffersonville Indiana, just 3 miles from downtown Louisville.


Las Cruces, New Mexico, US. It’s in Southern New Mexico, about 40 miles west of El Paso, Texas. We’re the second largest city in NM.


I’m from Rome, Italy


a catalan from Barcelona here!



I’m Christoph, born in Berlin, living in Cologne, Germany, EU.


South east of London England.


Pittsburgh, PA USA



In the UK, originally from the Midlands, been in Oxford for the last decade.


Hello Cantabile worldwide people.

I’m from Paris, France.


Bordeaux, France
See you


Otaki, New Zealand.
Back gigging as a keyboard player, after β€˜The Great Cantabile Awakening’ !
Lovin’ it.


Moscow, Russia here :raising_hand_man:


Pine, Arizona, small town in the mountains northeast of Phoenix.


Born in Louisiana, grew up in Maryland and finally living in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia!


Near Jena - Thuringia - Germany


Just outside London, England.


cfcboc here aka Chuck Czerny
Grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lived in Charlotte NC, Columbus OH, Laguna Hills, CA
Happily living in New Orleans, Louisiana. Party City USA!!


Born and raised in Hermiston, OR (watermelons) now a 20+ year resident of Manti, UT