Where are you from? 😆

Maybe a bit late, and way out of all topics, but nevertheless not less important!
I realised after some years on this forum, i just don’t know the origin of allot of resident members here. :rofl:
So between a beer and some music, my question:

Where are you from?

I’m Sven and I’m from Oudenaarde, Belgium, EU.

Sydney, Australia.    

Currently a resident of Chattanooga, TN, USA

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Cardigan Bay Area (Bae Ceredigion in Welsh), Darkest Wales :slight_smile:

Harderwijk, The Netherlands


Originally From Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA, but I’ve been Rockin’ in, and out, of Memphis, Tennessee for a very long time now. My home is the birthplace of Rock and Roll and the Blues. Home to Soul and Gospel…and Elvis. Damn fine Bar-B-Q, and Beale St. Yeah Baby !! :star_struck:

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I’m from the Netherlands but have been living in the south of Spain since 2006.

I’m Paul. English (North East) originally but living near Haacht in Belgium these past 20-odd years.

Thomas, Germany, near Cologne

Buda, Texas USA. Just barely south of Austin city limits. Or as our t-shirts say, “Buda, just south of Wierd”. (Austin likes to say, “Keep Austin wierd”)

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Though I grew up in the “New York Metropolitan Area” (meaning that our TV & radio stations and newspapers all came out of NYC) in Western Connecticut, I’ve been living in the lovely Southern USA in North Carolina for the last 25 years. Currently in Northeastern NC, in a little town named Elizabeth City, though I lived many years in Winston-Salem and a few in Durham.


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Volker, Germany, near Duesseldorf :sunglasses:


Im originally from London. Now living in Cornwall. Uk.



I am located in Belgium!

Düsseldorf, Germany - exiled Bavarian…


Originally London. Now various locations in sunny California - for, phew, 21 years.

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That surprised me Terry…I thought you were still in the Northeast.

Western Connecticut…New York Metropolitan Area, lol. :joy:

Berlin, Germany! :slight_smile:

I’m from Warsaw, Poland :slight_smile: