Waves Grand Rhapsody not loading

As I mentioned in another thread, I have a problem with Waves Grand Rhapsody Piano, the infamous 13002 error.

After some debug, I think the problem happens when Cantabile loads a preset bank for the plugin.

I have exported a bank and saved it to disk. Then I quit Cantabile and start from scratch with an empty song. I load Grand Rhapsody and it loads ok. Then I try to import the saved bank: I see that the plugin is starting loading samples and at the same time this dialog box appears:


However, after closing the dialog box, the presets are loaded correctly. I attach here a log of this session as log_norack.txt.

The trouble starts when I place Grand Rhapsody in a linked rack, create some rack states referring to the programs of the Cantabile bank and quit Cantabile. When I start Cantabile and load the linked rack, Grand Rhapsody is not correctly loaded.


Looking into the log file, I find

00019180 1191 [01292:2]: VST3- WaveShell1-VST3 14.0_x64 (#10) - Audio bus counts: 1 in 1 out
00019205 25 ! [01292:0]: Failed to load plugin ‘Grand Rhapsody Piano Stereo 2’
System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to load data because it was in the incorrect format (error 13002)
at Cantabile.Core.InteropObject.SetByteArray(Int32 id, Byte[] data)
at Cantabile.Core.PluginHost.LoadBank(Byte[] data)
at Cantabile.Racks.Plugin.LoadPlugin()
00019209 4 [01292:2]: VST3- WaveShell1-VST3 14.0_x64 (#10) - Closing…
00019227 18 [01292:2]: Unloading VST-MA module 00000000344FFB00
00019227 0 [01292:2]: Last reference released, unloading shared library
00019238 11 [01292:2]: VST3- WaveShell1-VST3 14.0_x64 (#10) - Closed.

I suspect this happens because Cantabile tries to load the bank and gets the 13002 error, thus stopping to load the plugin. Outside a rack, as I previously mentioned, I get the dialog box and I can close it. Inside the rack, the error prevents the plugin to load at all. I attach the corresponding log file as log_insiderack.txt.

@brad could you give it a look, if you have time?


P.S. log files are into the log.zip zipfile

log.zip (16.5 KB)

As best I can tell this is a bug in the waves plugin. This used to be an issue in older versions of waves VST3 plugins but I thought it had since been rectified.

The issue is basically that the plugin refuses to reload the data it previously saved. For a while I thought it was a bug in Cantabile and even put in checksum checks to ensure the data it saved was identical to the data Cantabile passed back and it all checked out ok… but the plugin failed to reload. I reported this to Waves at the time, and they acknowledged the issue and said it would be fixed in a subsequent build.

But… that was all sometime ago and it looks like you’re running a fairly recent version.

Some questions:

  1. Does this issue only happen in Cantabile - does the plugin save/restore in other hosts correctly?
  2. Does changing the plugin preset model have any effect?
  3. Is it just the Grand Rhapsody Piano plugin that has this issue - do other waves plugins work fine?

Let me know about the above, but I suspect I’ll need to work with Waves to get this sorted. (I’ve contacted Waves about it).

Anyone else seeing similar issues with this plugin?


Hi @brad,

thank you for you prompt answer!

I have loaded Grand Rhapsody in a new song, changed the preset model to “Use plugin…”, saved the song and reloaded. Grand Rhapsody is not loaded…so it does not depend on that, it seems.

According to your suggestion, I have tested Grand Rhapsody in Cakewalk.

First, I have created a new project, inserted an Instrument track with the plugin and saved a preset within the project itself. Then I closed Cakewalk and restarted. Loding the project, my preset was recognized and loaded, but with “*” in the name, as if I had modified it (which was not the case).

Then I saved the preset to a separate file, using the VST3 menu. When I try to load the preset again, that’s what I get

So I suspect you’re right. There must be some problem with the plugin itself.


I got a different error :upside_down_face:





I almost bought Grand Rhapsody last month, I missed by a day being able to apply a coupon to their $25 offer so it would be been around $15. I use a bunch of Waves plugins for recording but don’t have any of their instrument VST’s.

Tried with VST2, different error this time


Hi @cpaolo!
Your message made me realize that there is no vst2 version on my system!
I wonder where it is located (if present)! Cantabile can’t find it in my usual plugin locations (and I have listed a few in options!).

Funny guys at Waves! They put their VST2s in %ProgramFiles%\VSTPlugIns. :angry:

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Had to scan the entire C: to find them. After that, I have a “READ B4 install.txt” in my “waves central” storage folder.

Hi @cpaolo,

I could not find them so I searched the net and it seems that, starting from Waves 12, they only support vst3. My version is 14… :roll_eyes:


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This is odd. I did the test with version 14. Guess vst2 is no longer supported only for new plugins from version 12 and above. :thinking:

Grand Rhapsody, as part of the Keyboard Collection, is quite older.
I bought the collection for my interest in CP-80, a good choice at the time, even though I definitely prefer Pianoteq CP now.

Anyway, it’s true, when I installed the bunch of Waves plugins I own, the waveshell-xyz.dll were installed there:

C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\.

So I just moved them to the right place, which is (for me):

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins\.

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Ah! Now I see! I expected it to be called “Grand Rhapsody something…”! :blush:

Thank you for letting me know! I have found the waveshell-xyz.dll files and moved them to the proper location and now I can load the vst2 version. :joy:


EDIT: And the VST2 version loads ok! Hurray! :wine_glass: :clap: :muscle: :man_cartwheeling: :rofl: