Suggestion / Request: utility buttons on the racks

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Hi All,

I often find myself reaching for an easy button so today’s easy button I would like has to do with Cantabile Racks, both Linked and Embedded. I would seriously love to have utility buttons on the closed rack slot that would allow for bindings to be made inside the rack to perform functions like toggling the opening of any VST effects and instrument editor GUIs that are inside that same rack without having to open the rack. Like all bindings it could have other uses. It could look like this with the buttons to the right of the gain slider. We can already bind to the outside of the rack so this would be an extension of that.

I could open the VB3 II GUI with the rack still closed. This would save a lot of extra clicking in the long run IMO. What do you all think? @brad




Yes, this would be a good addition!

+1.5 :wink:





+1. I had to think about it a while


Bump for @brad :grinning: Welcome back!


Hi @brad,

Is this feature request a possibility? I would find it very handy …



I’m looking into it…


Quick update, this is getting there but need to make some changes to the way bindings work… needs to be done carefully. Bear with me.


I am thankful for the attention and happy to wait. I thought it might be a weird one when you said you had to look into it, I wish it would have been an easy one to work out but once it’s there I will use it a lot for a lot of purposes. I hope I didn’t cause a re-invention of sorts, I didn’t mean to cause a lot of work for you …

Take Care Brad,


Hey Dave,

Don’t sweat it… it’s a little tricky but I’ll figure it out :slight_smile:


Before I release this, any feedback/suggestions?


It looks great to me @Brad !

Handy Feature I guess. :slight_smile: