Suggestion / Request: utility buttons on the racks

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It’s just like I envisioned it so to me it’s ready. Thanks for the feature Brad! I had been using control bar buttons to do some of this but can now use the bar space for other things and the rack’s new buttons can be discreet bindings instead of shared. After setting the bindings up one click access to my EQ, meters and limiters that are inside some racks will be a breeze and GUI access without opening the rack will be a plus too. One click opens the GUI, change the snapshot preset, close the GUI, Save All and done vs open the rack. open the GUI, make the snapshot change, close the GUI, save the rack, close the rack and Save All if there were Song based state behaviors and done.

Add to that situations where there is an element inside an embedded rack that is inside a linked rack that I want at from time to time for adjustments and it saves even more clicks to get it done.


Maybe a binding target Rack->Save within a rack? So I could have my three buttons

  • open GUI of the main rack instrument
  • update state
  • save rack

This way I could edit an instrument completely without having to open the rack…




Hi All,

This feature is out on 3644 experimental. Thanks @brad for the feature, it is what I was hoping for! @Torsten, there is no rack save but the file save UI target in the bindings saves the current song file and it saves the rack file as well. Since the rack and file save both indicate Ctrl+S on the Save option when you use the file sandwich, I wonder if that is why. What are your thoughts? The ability to pop the GUI up is a huge time saver and on the Master racks it can call up several different plugins from within. On some of my utility racks it can reset them and reconfigure them from song level so way less clicking. All said a time saver for me.


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Hi Dave,

Yep, I realized I forgot about the Save rack binding target a few minutes after putting up the build. I’l try to get it done for the next build.

Glad you’re enjoying this new feature :slight_smile:



Will be a big help

Experimental build 3645 available now has the Rack Save binding target.


Can anyone offer suggestions for what these buttons might be used for?

Hi The_Elf,

For me it was to save clicks when editing patches for Instruments and FX that were inside linked racks. So my first use will be like these examples.

This is for a linked Instrument rack. I can Toggle the organ Vst inside it for editing with the first button, Toggle the FX for the rack with the second and save the rack edits with the third. Once the bindings are set up inside the rack it makes you don’t have to open and close the rack to edit the plugins inside it.

I also will use it on my master rack for easy access to the EQ, and Main Limiter VST’s plus the system level meter VST’s

I just used the Windows Alt symbols for the buttons but you can type in letters for labels if you want.

I also made some utility racks that will benefit by being able to enable and reset certain functions inside the racks without having to open them. For my RD2000 I have a linked rack that sends Sys-ex on state changes that I can now assign to the Custom buttons and lose the state changes and have the custom buttons directly bound to the Hardware . Anyway those are my main uses and plans so far.



Thanks, mate. I’ll give it some thought. I tend to keep my Linked Racks very simple, only containing one plug-in and I don’t embed effects, but I can see the advantage here.

Hi @brad
Thanks for implementing this. Where I would like to use the buttons for are e.g. for Panning an Instrument Rack or Dry/Wet control for a effects Rack, just like you can with using a plugin without a rack.
Is this possible and did I miss something? Or could this be implemented?

Thanks for your great work anyway

Can I now ask the dumb question. Where are they? I can’t see 'em!

Ooops! Now I do! I had the column too narrow. I’ll leave this here, because I won’t be the only one.

How did you get the icons on there? Is it a keycode?

Ahhh… I used this: Keycodes

One thing I’ve discovered… Once you have a name in there the ‘Customise…’ dialogue won’t let you simply remove it and gives an ‘Enter a name’ error. A bug/oversight?

You can also use (Windows Key + ; ) to open the emoticons…


Currently only push buttons are supported - no support for knobs/sliders as yet.

Oops, yep, this is a bug… will fix for the next build.

This bug still seems to be present in 3646. Tried to remove the text for the button and it would not let me.

Ah, my bad I forgot to commit the fix for the build. Will definitely be in the next build.