StreamDeck+ Support - Yes or No?

Who here has a StreamDeck+? (ie: this)

Should I do an update to the Cantabile StreamDeck plugin to support it?

I’m wondering if there’s too few buttons for it to be useful with Cantabile, but paired with a regular StreamDeck would probably be quite nice.

Just wondering what priority I should give it.


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I use the classic 15 button Stream Deck and do not care for the Deck+.

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The knobs could be very useful, but it doesn’t really have enough buttons by itself to be all that useful with Cantabile otherwise. I don’t think I’d buy one - could just use any number of other knob controllers via MIDI, and display the value on the Cantabile display.

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same as @cpaolo and @Neil_Durant - plain old 15 button Streamdeck here…

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I own a StreamDeck+ and a StreamDeckPedal and would use it! Awesome devices… highly recommended.


What I like about the StreamDeck+ is the display is right where the knob is - so you can show not only the value but what it does - and change what it does on the fly.

There are MIDI controllers with similar functionality, but their API’s are difficult or non-public.

Also, because the StreamDeck is not MIDI, it means the comms with it aren’t mixed in with normal MIDI performance data. ie: to build similar feedback displays for MIDI controllers it needs to hook via Cantabile’s MIDI processing. With the StreamDeck it’s all separate.

This whole area of feedback via controller displays is something I’d like to improve in Cantabile and the StreamDeck+ might be an easier first step. I’m interested in any thoughts, feedback, ideas on this area.


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Sounds like you’re looking for others to confirm what you already know. Trust your gut.

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Maybe, but also some insight into exactly what people really want is always good.

Very good points. Being able to repurpose it on the fly by context, or by song part, and have that displayed, would certainly be very handy.


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The + version has too few buttons to be useful for me, so no interest in it here.

I’m using the 32 button version so the + version is no good for me.

I’m happy with the 15 button version and have no plans to try the + version. Cheers!

I vote for an update. I have 2 rigs…my practice rig and my recording rig. I am starting to use the Stream Deck on the recording side. I wanted to convert an Android tablet into a Stream Deck as well, but a lot of reviews indicate problems with the mobile version. Touch Portal may be the route, but I am 100% in favor of an update. If it is even 10% of the awesome changes you have been making in Cantabile, IMHO it’s a no-brainer.

Let me add to the “fancy controllers” list also this one
It is not out yet but it looks quite cool (albeit expensive…)

I would go for StreamDeck+ support. Although I have retired from gigging and industrial needs for a Cantabile rig, I always wanted to be able to give a dynamic description to a button (Cantabile’s on-screen keyboard button or midi controller button) depending on the song. Stream Deck is a super piece of kit and has a long way to go yet in it’s market niche. I would give it all due support.

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I’m less intrigued with the hardware packages than I am with the Mobile version of StreamDeck. I recently started trying to configure the StreamMobile version of it (having issues with the Android on my Fire Tablet - ugh), so I’m probably going to have to dedicate an ipad to it, but I really like what it does.

I do like the idea as I think StreamDeck mobile may be a more flexible solution in the future. I’m suprised Elgato hasn’t added some slider controls to the mobile interface (considering how many people use it for streaming ). We could assign them to volume, etc. Streamers could also do lights, and other things.

I agree that the StreamDeck+ has too few knobs for our purposes (e.g., controlling synth settings ) but the idea of
setting it up to do program changes / song advance, etc. seems interesting to me - I’ll have to try it.

On a side note: Most people don’t know that MIDI is used in non-musical application (lots of lighting, but some other automation). I dont’ know how much MIDI is inside the StreamDeck software, but I wouldn’t be suprised if it doesn’t have some capabilities.

I have a StreamDeck + (as well as Mini, standard, XL and pedal).
The Midi plugin works very well and I didn’t try the Cantabile Profile yet. For the moment I use its very powerful capabilities with MIDI binding.
With the MIDI plugin, each knob can have a subset of four knobs so that means 16 knobs per page! All with midi feedback… This is more than enough even for complex synth setup

Oh! Take 2. I just reinstalled the plugin and I say a BIG YES for cantabile integration with SD+.
I didn’t use the Cantabile plug in because the lack of dials prevented me to really use SD in a live music context. (in fact, I even forgot there was a cantabile plug in). I would really like to see SD + supported

Take 3… if you can get a grasp on the 16 dials implementation that is done on the plug. That works like a charm. I have 5 Peavey PC1600, Behringer BCF/BCR/BCN and many hardware controllers and I can tell the SD+ is a worthy piece of hardware!

I have the 15 button edition and won’t upgrade to the “+” edition.