Show me your Cantabile Rig!


Today, I bought a Montage 7. I am going to send out cards to my friends, similar to new baby announcements. It will read “It’s a Montage 7!” I am planning to make a video (better than my other lame training videos) progressing from backing track creation, Montage integration with C3, integrating Ableton as final mastered backing tracks with C3 VST integration with Montage 7 and finishing the video with my perspective during an actual live show launching tracks and playing.

Not sure when I will complete it, and it will not be anything professional looking.


Congratulations. The Montage 7 is a fine board. It is the bottom tier companion to my Kronos X 61 and gig rack/ PC


So…I missed out on the cigar handout?


So did I. :wink:

Not drunk enough yet to start smoking. When I feel like a fag or cigar I need to take that as the sign that I have drunk too much, and really ought to stop! :smile:


Here’s a reminder of my rig. Montage 7 at bottom. Kronos X on top. NUC PC running Cantabile in the gig rack (along with Nord G2, Mixer, Scarlet 2i4 USB, DMXIS interface and IEM transmitter.



I had to ditch the max49 because the touch faders were jumping as a Disco bar on an open air concert.
I guess the humidity or temperature were the problem?
Pity, I feel i had to let go the love of my life because she’s got some psycho issues. :joy::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Been there several times :anguished: Of course I mean keyboards…or do I? :open_mouth:


Nice!! Almost identical look. I have your same X stand, and the EXACT same case on that stand. The exact one. Looks just like that. I am going to sell my case that contains a 1U line mixer, an audio interface (Peavey USB-P) and a Motif ES Rack. What is that monitor you have at the top left?

I have very very easily integrated C3 with my Montage 7! I have to say that the Montage has stricken a substantial amount of my stage gear. Your rig looks great! Actually, a small Kronos in the mix may be nice!

I Turned off local control on the Montage and chose to integrate the montage as a slave of itself through C3. This seems to be the best way for me. I have a Studiologic SL-88 passing through the montage with a 5pinDIN on port 3 (Merging 5pin DIN with the USB connection).

The Mixface is integrated with the SL-88. Only 2 USB ports for all audio and controllers. The Montage, MixFace and SL-88 are controllers controlling the Montage as a module AND audio interface, and C3 as usual. All coming out of the R/L of the Montage.

The Montage can still mix and morph with on board controls, knobs and sliders. This thing is a beast.

STILL, it can’t do what O2 does so well. Therefore, C3 remains an absolute necessity and O2 and Blue 3/IKmm Leslie are the only remaining VSTs that cannot be replaced by the Montage.

I can’t say that I am ready to take out NI Classic Keys (Mark/Wurli). Especially the 200A. That is the best sounding Wurli, hands down.


@So_Godly Fortunately, you didn’t marry it!



Thanks for the comments.

The monitor is a GeChic 1303, which is also a touch panel. I went for this following Neil’s recommendation. On face value it is not cheap, but when you cost up a fully specced Surface Pro, the combination of my NUC PC (in the rack) and the GeChic was cheaper and the combination was more powerful, more expansible and had more USB IO.

I wanted a user interface where the computer did not have to be close to me, but the user interface was and that I had touch control over Cantabile of needed. So this fits the bill nicely.

However it’s worth noting that if you already have an iPAD (and presumably a Windows or Android touch panel, or even a cheap, old laptop which might not be powerful enough to run audio, but could act as a user interface) then a cheaper option may be remote desk top via a Tablet APP which I have been experimenting with recently.

See this post for details of how I have accessed my NUC via a Remote Desktop App on my iPAD. I am really pleased as I didn’t really want to fork out again for a second GeChic as a backup if the main one failed. Remote desktop on iPAD is not quite as good, but certainly usable in a pinch, or as an alternative if your budget is limited and you want to do something similar and also already have a tablet.


Nice post! I plan to try that after I am done with my July gigs (Aug/Sept are easier gigs/not weddings. Summer weddings scare the hell out of me, and I am a ball of nerves. Not about playing, but what could go wrong).


Just as an aside, I’m wondering if whoever started this thread is even still a member lol


This thread is over 3yrs old. I fondly remember those days of old.


This thread is super helpful if you’re looking for ideas for your setup!


Following the recent festival post, a close-up of my set-up :wink: including Livid Guitar Wing, Line6 G10 and - on the right - the Cantabile powered command centre :wink:


A few pics of my keyboard rig at the IQ show last weekend at the Night Of The Prog festival at Loreley, Germany. Great gig, and Cantabile of course behaved flawlessly! Note blatant Cantabile stickers :slight_smile:


Excellent post Neil! Finally enough speakers to achieve lift off, very cool !! :sunglasses:



No Voyager?

  • Paul


But a new prophet :slight_smile: - how is that sounding?

And looks like you have a phone and app on the top of your stand for your monitor mix?

In the last few shows I did for Welsh Floyd s few years back, I had that feature from the Soundman’s Midas desk. So cool being in control of your mix.


Yes, the Voyager had been providing me with some annoying tuning problems on stage - temperature changes not only affecting global tuning, but tuning between oscillators, so stored patches that had just the right level of detuning suddenly sounded awful on stage. The Prophet 6 is an absolute gem - not only because its tuning is rock solid, but it feels more playable to me, more expressive, more like an instrument. I love it!

That’s right, a tablet app controlling in-ear monitor mix. It makes such a difference!! No longer do we need to gesture to the monitor engineer to get him to turn channels up/down :slight_smile: