Show me your Cantabile Rig!


Thought I’d show off my rig… lol! 1 hour before the opening act is supposed to start and the rain starts. Mine is under the middle-back tarp. Impressive, no?


Very impressive! I’ve used the same, exact rig many times!:smile:


I just got some new toys !
It’s been a long story:

  • I have 3 Samson Graphite49 (2 in backup because the keys break all the time lol)
  • I thought to try out a secondhand Roland A-500 Pro, but wasn’t satisfied with the action and the connections on the left
  • Got a new Arturia Keylab61 because after some youtube reviews I hoped that they finally upgraded their keyboard quality, they didn’t so return to sender (the shop)
  • Got a second hand almost new Akai MPK261. Lovely machine, but the D key was malfunctioning. Return to sender.
  • Bought a new MPK and it’s sitting on my desk
  • and just found a demo MAX49 on Ebay in Italy (lovely touch faders). So I bought this was the new shizzle. Lol not haha :smiley: Keys of akai are superb quality, but the wheels are toy quality. I had to open it and clean it because it wasn’t working anymore. Now I’ve found out the pitch wheel is loose.

All China quality these days :slight_smile:

Anyway, I just think it looks cool and goes perfect with my Nord and Red skin
Show must go on!


Nice setup Torsten!

I use almost the same thing, but I have 2 keyboards. My SL-88 studio doesn’t let me play organ the way I would like. So I go to the trouble of setting up my MPK261 for that. I live my SL-88 and Mixface combo. The main knob in the SL-88 is scary, as I feel it will break off some day if it sustains any slight impact.

I bought the magnetic shelf for the right side, as well. It is very handy!!

I run C3 and Ableton (I run Ableton through C3) simultaneously with my set up.

Here is mine. It may look familiar. Love your setup!


Nice set up as well So_Godly. Doesn’t look like they make a Max61.

Hey, what controller is that on the bottom…Nah! Im kidding! The Nord (Stage/Electro) has the best sounding hardware Organ/Leslie on the market.

Beastly set up.


thx ! some great machines you’ve got on stage there also ! Are you touring since long with the mpk261 ?


Thanks! Yes, since 2016. It is a controller beast! Although I had to fix the Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend hardware and order a replacement circuit board for those. It is super easy to work on. Literally minutes to fix.


ok you’re the man i need to talk to :slight_smile:


I sent a link and contact info to where I get my MPK parts. They are very informative, workable and will figure it out with you. Reasonable, too.


THx, just got one!!!


It’s been holding up well - I’m happy with it


My MPK261 has been used so much it is slightly sagging in the middle from being on my stand. I have played in 106 degrees heat on a black stage that was not covered. The very next day, we played on a “Dinner Train”. Only problem was that the staging area had open sides so we were outside(ish) and it was 102 degrees for the first hour until we got up into the mountains a little more and the sun went down. I think that is where my MPK261 got the sag (slight). I have abused it since 2016, and it still feels great, is super diverse and I honestly don’t know why they don’t still make them. I checked out the Arturia, and it is a stout contender for the MPK261. Arturia is metal, too. If my MPK ever dies, the Arturia is next.


Here is the MPK2 parts contact

Robert England


p. (401) 658-3131

f. (401) 658-3654


BTW here is our alleged “Dinner Train” (umm…no). It was pretty sad.

Okay, last video. I switched from VB3 II to Blue 3 with IKmultimedia Leslie. Last Friday we had a lively crowd at a 55 and over event. We were surprised at how fun these people were.

Here we are playing Oye Como Va using Blue 3/IKmm with C3 running behind Ableton. I don’t even have to see C3 anymore. It works perfectly with my controllers. Patch Changes, State Changes and Song (preloaded) changes as well.


I think you should add “End Of The Line” by the Traveling Wilburys to your play list :grinning:

You need a few different band members to sing though. Fun song.


What do you expect from hippies and disco dancers? :wink:



Ha! @dsteinschneider, we need to add that one for the old folks (wait a minute…I’m an old folk!)

My band thinks it is funny that I say that they are “suspended dirt” and that most of our audience will be dead by the time we return the following year.

Background vocals are mainly backing tracks.

@terrybritton crazy hippies always favor live music, and the disco era ushered in the makes of modern EDM. So we’re cool. This crowd was dead as a door nail last year. Not sure what they put in the water.


Hippies meet EDM… :slight_smile:



Nice indeed. Yes, I have had an extra set of keys on top to handle the organ, but for the time being I prefer travelling light. I also have the magnetic plate, I switch between using that and the music stand for the laptop, but there is more room for the Focusrite soundcard if I use the music stand.

Regarding the knob, I agree, mine got a push and is loose now. I have made a special foam protection to put on top of the keyboard whenever it is moved around, with holes for the knob and the sticks.


Actually, that’s a pretty sick track!!