Show me your Cantabile Rig!


It sure makes a difference. I never got the hang of the hand signals, esp when there where 7 vocalists and four guitars (two players, but also acoustic and pedal steel), drums, bass, keys, backing!

I may be looking at an analog(ish) synth later in the year, can’t say why other than GAS and a work bonus coming along :smiley: , and will be looking at the Prophet, but the new Novation Peak also looks quite interesting, so I guess I will b checking a few out.


Rig for my ‘The Cars’ tribute band Moving in Stereo.


Cantabile 3 Performer
M-Audio Oxygen 61
Roland PK-5a
Asus ROG (overkill)
Novation Audio Hub


Love the duct tape ornamentation! :slight_smile:


I’ve been watching the PK-5a for sale on Reverb and ebay. It looks like the right bass pedals for my dual axiom 61 vb3 setup. Do you use it for bass or synth parts?


They are great! I play bass so I use them for everything from keys to triggers to samples to song switching.


One more shot of my Cantabile rig, this time from IQ’s album launch show last night in London. Cantabile performed perfectly of course (better than I did to be honest…).



I just love gear porn! Very nice Neil!!


Do you go program up/down with the wide switches, out there where you can;t hit 'em accidentally? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe, no (good thinking though!). The one on the left is my song state increment switch. The one on the right is a assigned to different things for different parts of different songs - Leslie speed, toggling effects, triggering sounds etc.

I have an Akai LPD8 with buttons assigned for song state up/down, so if I need to decrement, I do it by hand.



Hi @Neil_Durant!

My mother’s friend asks if you could show your Cantabile window a little bit closer :relaxed:

kind regards