Show me your Cantabile Rig!


My portable guitarabile setup once again :wink: This time with a new “family member”: Fender Jaguar Blacktop (the SG in background is not mine, it belongs to the guitarist of Lea Porcelain, as the pic was taken before the gig we played with this cool German band in Warsaw last week; to be honest, I don’t like SGs at all :wink: ). As controlling Cantabile via Guitar Wing is impossible when playing Jaguar (due to the pickup switch location), I had to add the simple pedal to my setup (however it’s not visible on this pic), the Line6 FBV 2 Express, selected basing on some recommendations from Cantabile Forum users and it was a good idea, thanks!


That looks like an SG special with the plastic P90’s - one of my favorite guitars :smile:

EDIT: downloaded the photo and zoomed in - it’s a Epi with the chome humbuckers - still very nice!
EDIT2: Drums look like they might have belonged to John Bonham.


Before the curtains opened…played Psychedelic and Classic Rock. Great crowd. Had a blast.


Ok guys,
here is my “minimal” setup for real last minute and dangerous places gig (an ad here says something like “the most dangerous rhum bars in Caracas”)

ASUS notebook running C3, NativeInstruments Komplete Audio6 board, Arturia KeyLabII 61 controller.
A simple X stand from QuickLok, one expression pedal (Yamaha FC7), one sustain switch, two Behringer B208 active monitors.
Main out pair from audio board go to mixer for PA management, headphone out goes to monitors.
I made myself the cable (from one jack stereo to jack mono pair).
On Audio6 I have a big potentiometer for main out level, and a small one for headphone output, so I have control on both outputs. I never found a real board with a couple of stereo XLR outputs with separated level, so this is the choice I had to make.
This way I have control over noisy guitar players who start soundcheck with volume at 4 and at the first song solo increase up to 9 for the full gig.

I am looking for a better controller (new post here since 15 minutes).
With serious dates I prefer a Yamaha Montage7, no issue about stuck notes, and better keybed.

Here below my playing…


Interesting spot for the Cantabile laptop this time…


That is interesting. I have thought many times of mounting my laptop under my main keyboard.