Serious MIDI controller for Cantabile (fighting with stuck notes)


How sad. But selling it…? That means passing the problem. I’d try returning it for a refund since it’s a faulty product and you can demonstrate it easily.


I will try. Don’t remember if in warranty.
I am sure it is design intrinsic.
Not a faulty one


All the more reason they should honor a request for a refund. Strange though that it doesn’t seem to happen to the 49 or 88.


Sure about that?
Posted on Arturia forum. No answer since days


Well Tom Tollenaere posted he never gets a stuck note with his 88 and every few minutes with his 61. My 49 doesn’t give me issues either, whether I play organ slides or not. It’s all anecdotal at this point anyway, you should definitely report it and if Arturia stands by their product they should sort you out.

I wouldn’t use just the forums though, not all company forums are an official line of support or even closely monitored by developers. Arturia helped me out pretty effectively during setup when I mailed them.


This beast makes no stuck notes…


Nice! What about midi mapping of controllers? Does one of the profiles of B-3X fit?


Without making anything, drawbars work, black octave too, Leslie switch doesn’t. Unbelievable…
God bless Mr. Hammond and who simulates him


Nice evening today.
Right move to escape from office earlier.
Connecting Viscount to IK B3X and playing is pure fun. C3 helps a lot. No stuck notes…
I asked technical support to Arturia guys on their site as registered user.
Let’s see…


@Furio my mkii is under warranty - they even pay for shipping for repair. It’s on it’s way now.
@ukm I also have the keylab 88 (first version, not mkii) - had it for 2 years now, never a stuck note with daily playing and it’s built like a tank. The hammer keys are pretty good - be it not as good as the ones on my Kronos.


@Tom_Tollenaere Thanks for the feedback. Probably I’ll try it out next time. Though I wanted to stick with one keyboard it may be necessary to use the MOJO for organ playing then.


Hi Furio,

Nice job troubleshooting! It takes a certain temperament to persist through until you isolate and identify the real problem.



If you were born poor, 500 bucks lost are like a gun pointed at you.
I am not optimistic about Arturia will to help me, but let’s see.
I hope they will surprise me.
I am a good customer at the end.
I bought the V collection since version 4, until 7.
I even bought Pigments (great synth).
Becoming an adult I stopped using hacked software, maybe this will pay…


Two thumbs up for this solution. Current panic button is a bit time consuming. I would assume that this solution would be much faster, and low overhead…


Just to add another 2 cents here,

I was on a gig on thursday, using an Akai MPK MkII 61, using a PSU and 5-pin MIDI, UVI b5 organ, end of organ solo, big gliss, stuck note at the bottom…




Thanks for reporting: this was my candidate for substituting my aged and heavy upper keyboard. But what the heck are these manufacturers doing??

Atm I‘m using a Yamaha DX7s and a KX88, both about 35 years old and running flawlessly like they were new - not a single stuck note (not counting in those initiated by USB problems of soundcard of course). If they were not that heavy I‘d stick to them…


I’m in the same boat. Fed up of carrying the heavy ones (especially if they’re not actually contributing to the sounds) but it seems the newer ones have cheap, made down to a budget, keybeds… I’ve also been trying out some studilogic sl-73s and they’re appalling too, nasty feel and a weird propensity to double trigger notes (one at played velocity but really short and another at almost zero velocity straight after) which makes me sound like an even worse player than I am…

Gonna keep trying…



Over the years I’ve repaired everything from a K2000 to my Axiom 61 1st gen. These keyboards are as simple as a laptop inside - case, mainboard, display, ports, keybed, keypad and controllers. Things get loose, worn, corroded, tarnished and grimy in there. I despair the throw-away mentality that permeates markets these days (how many computers have been chucked because a $2 fan seized up?) but am I being hypocritical because I don’t buy top of line equipment? If they would just put a $3 fan in there this wouldn’t happen :grinning:


I often play my Yamaha Montage7, with internal sounds and VSTs: never a stuck note.
Three days ago I tested my Viscount Legend with VST known as IK Hammond B3X: after a full afternoon of wild playing not a stuck note.
In the same time slot with my old Roland A33 or M-Audio Oxygen 61 (first series) I would get dozens of stuck notes. I know that from past experience.
I bought Keylab 61 mkII just to solve that issue: no way, same shit.
I want to get a 61 key controller which is safe and reliable.
I was thinking about Novation or Akai, but it seems that also MPK 261 is not perfect (but here some guys reported it is quite good).
I am surprised, it is told that Fatar produces keybeds for all brands. Where are the good ones used by big hardware producers?
Is it so difficult to build a reliable controller?


Like Tom, I have the KeyLab 88 (version 1) and do not have a problem with stuck notes. I use (and abuse) Pianoteq and VB3 (and now B3X) with glisses and smears.