Serious MIDI controller for Cantabile (fighting with stuck notes)


What if my audio board is “slow” managing many keys in input?

Well: thats easy: as the problem most probably would be inside the pc you should easily be able to reproduce it with the Montage if Im right (?). But to be serious: this would not explane all the other effects you described…

Edit: there was a good input from @Torsten to this… some minutes before


@humphrey; @Torsten. fully agreed.
Not buying anything if not with a clear diagnosis after hard tests.
Both your remarks are useful and correct.


I’ve been following this discussion and thinking about it some more… one possibility to improve the panic button so it works better would be for Cantabile to track which notes have been sent to the each plugin and as part of the panic force those notes off again.

Won’t stop the stuck notes, but should provide a less drastic recovery.



@brad Sounds a good idea if this is not too much overhead !


Maybe another clue: I managed to get stuck notes the other day but it was when I had a bunch of things hooked up so it does sound like a power issue to me. I had my X32 rack as interface (it does have its own power), a small non-powered USB-C based hub with two dongles, a Reloop DJ Controller/interface and the Keylab Mk2 61. I was also using the Keylab midi in to merge in the notes from my 88 key piano. I previously thought the problem was having Traktor open but it turns out that doesn’t make a difference, so adding to all the feedback here it seems like the 61 is just very power hungry.
Unhooking my DJ controller, it’s impossible for me to generate stuck notes.

I didn’t try but I did notice there’s an actual PSU input on the Keylab, did you try using that instead of USB power? I suppose it’s possible they skirted the border of reasonable USB power expectations a bit too close?


I already wrote it here. I tested with active USB hub and with power supply and midi cable.
In every case I am able easily to reproduce stuck notes. Just play wild…
But power is an issue, rating for power supply in Arturia site is 9 V. 1 A.
USB cannot give more than 5 V. 0,5 A.

With Montage as keyboard and audio device, it never happens.
Tonight I will try Montage driving via midi my audio board.
Maybe it is a midi interface issue…


Oh sorry I missed that, I thought you only tried a powered hub.

FWIW my laptop has one “USB high power” output port that I habitually use for critical devices without their own power supply. I don’t know the official specs but maybe that’s why I’ve not had any trouble.


@sanderxpander I have the occasional hung note with my MKII even when on a 9V/1A powersupply - it’s under warranty so it’s going back - probably faulty keybed …


How can you be sure they can repair such a thing?
It is clearly a faulty design. They will never be able to change that…
Sorry to be direct.


Hmmm, I’m starting to really celebrate my decision to go for the MPK-249 instead of the Arturia Keylab…


I am already starting to look for a used MPK-261.
Or a Novation.
No way. It means they work well.
After a gig in next 10 days I will try to sell the Arturia


I’m sorry for all the frustration. I’m still really happy with mine, I hope yours is a fluke and I’m lucky with the keyboard; that it doesn’t fail on my next laptop or something.

I also considered the MPK249 and thought it felt “decent” if not great, keybed-wise. The Novation SL Mk3 was better and looks like it has great features. But both of them have eight faders which I just can’t get past, if I get a knobby controller keyboard I need at least 9 for drawbars. It frustrates me that manufacturers seem to often disregard this as the cost of adding a single faders would be marginal.

I like and own the Nektar Panorama P4 but it’s decidedly more plasticky in construction. I ended up keeping it at home in the studio but I gigged it for a while. It has more directly available controls than the Arturia (16 pots, 9 faders plus one motorized fader) but no one button fader bank switching like the Keylab.
One fader started malfunctioning and while I got it repaired I got the Keylab. It has been perfectly fine since.


I tried to detect real reason yesterday night.
It was very late so I am not 100% sure.
But working on my notebook tuning (stopping WiFi and Bluetooth as it must be done), it seems that bad events are less probable.
It happened only once after some minutes of insane keyboard misuse…
Maybe it is MIDI engine not working at full power?
Only Brad could tell us some insider views about that.

I am oriented to Novation Impulse. It is not expensive as SL mkIII. I don’t need extreme automation because Cantabile with two buttons and two faders can be programmed to my needs.


I would consider a different board, but my needs are: 9 sliders, at leat 9 buttons, and transport control buttons, 16 pads. I cannot find any keyboard but the MKII that has all that. If anyone does, please let me know!


If you can live with 12 pads the Nektar Panorama has the rest.


I considered buying a KeyLab 88 MKII but probably now I have to think twice.
There is also the Viscount Physis K5 that I had an eye on but it has become rather quiet about these devices. After about 5 years no one discusses these keyboards or shares experiences.
However - the specs looked nice.


Hi @ukm.

If you plan to buy a hammer keyboard, you will not be able to play on that thing like on an Hammond waterfall.
With normal piano playing you will never get stuck notes.
We got these bad events because we play in a insane way…


Yes, I know. For recording I have piano, waterfall and synth keys but live it has to be a compromise if I want to carry only one keyboard around.
The MOTIF XF7 did a good job though piano playing is not as real as on my KAWAI.


I fully agree with you.
I use a Montage7 when I plan only one keyboard.
Which is quite similar to your Motif.
It is a perfect compromise (my tastes), I never had a stuck note with it.
And the feeling is great.
Consider that I am not a piano player, I grew up with organs and synths.
I bought a Clavinova 10 years ago for practice, but I will never learn to appreciate hammer action.


To all the guys here.
Final test completed. Keylab 61 mk II for me is totally useless.
I connected Keylab to Yamaha Montage with a MIDI cable.
One organ preset, five seconds of wild playing.
Immediately one stuck note.
There was no computer, no software, no driver.
Pure hardware.
I have a gig on November 23rd, I cannot change anything now.
But after that day I will sell my controller.
Sad but clear. We cannot blame anything else.
My worst purchase ever in my life.
F… k!!!