Razor Sucks Don't Buy it, here's why

Plain and simple. You have to purchase Reaktor to be able to save presets (snapshots) that can be recalled from within the program. Otherwise, they must be manually loaded from a file upon each recall. Even C3 can’t recall the preset in it’s edited form without a full purchase of Reaktor. I despise software piracy, and I won’t do it. However, with this situation, I can sympathize with the meth heads.

Love the sound of Razor, hate the bait and switch by NI. I simply refuse to purchase Reaktor to achieve the functionality of this synth. I don’t want Reakor. I don’t use meth.

I really want to be wrong about this! Please, school me on it if I am.

Ooooh, you mean if you run it in the free Reaktor Player it’s crippled? Even though you bought the instrument? That’s some BS right there.

Exactly. That is frustrating. Razor was only like $69, and I loved it, until I created a patch and couldn’t recall it as a snapshot. Then the anger started setting in.

Good ole NI. Always thinking with their wallet. I’ve used their products for many years, but find myself using them less often everyday. IMHO they are in the business of sucking you in, then dropping support. I gave up counting how many VSTs they’ve thrown to the wind after we were lured into buying that pretty graphic. I am now buying from serious developers that believe enough in their product to support it . They are the used car dealers of virtual instruments. Are you listening GSI?



John, I am looking at NI site, and it says Razor runs in free Reaktor Player. Then it says this on the Razor page:

2. Can I save my own presets in the REAkTOR 6 PLAYER?+
Yes. As well as storing the instrument’s current sound with your DAW project, REAKTOR 6 PLAYER allows you to store, recall, and share single presets in a dedicated file format.

Don’t know if this helps, but it leads me to believe you can save your presets in the player. I have no experience with either, so I wouldn’t know for sure.


I love VB3. I haven’t bought any other GSI products.

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I like all GSI stuff. Would like it more if they would update to modern computer demands.

It took Guido a while to get VB3 to 64bit. He rides behind the wave, for sure.

I’m going to check that link. I know you can recall your setup in a DAW, store a preset as a file, but a preset recall in a VST player such as you can accomplish with VB3, LL etc where you can have your own custom patch set recallable with the press of a button, I don’t think is possible. Again, I want to be wrong. I will check that link. THANKS!

Ah yes. Here is their hitch. Yes, you can store and recall a “Single Preset” (not bank or snapshot list). With player, it is like MS Word. Save the file. To open it, you have to go to MyDocuments and double click to open it. Even MS Word works better than Razor, as you can even leave that Doc open. However, the minute you recall a Factory Razor preset (which is all you can recal), poof! Your custom patch is gone and you have to go find it and reload it again. S, technically, yes, you can store and recall a “Single Preset.” Unfortunately, my tears of rage remain.

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You’re just a rat in a cage, dude.

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Again…good ole NI. Not surprised.

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Do you have a website Corky?

Personally, no. Had to stop any personal promotion for a while.(long story) Some of the bands I perform with have FaceBook pages and maybe websites. I will dig the info up and send it to you.