Organ Plugins - Opinions?


I suppose we are lol but the truth is any organ and Leslie I ever owned immediately sounded like the dang BOMB. Period. We need all these tweaks in the software to try and get back there…

Edit- I know guitarists HATED that too. They spend all that $$$, trying new amps, new cabinets, stomp boxes, every week new gear… Hammond players are all, huh- I just turn my stuff on and there’s the sound :smiley: :smiley:


Has anyone worked out how to use a sustain pedal with Blue3 to actually sustain the sound? I know, I know, I’m not quite a purist… :roll_eyes:


Uh no. Clearly you’re a heretic. Next you’ll want velocity sensitivity.


The brilliant mad scientists that create these things are normally not players. They usually don’t know that each one has it’s own characteristics. It’s just not gonna be as real as sitting behind one, but I’ll take it cause they are getting pretty close.


Neither was Jon Lord, or Goldy Goadsby ( McJohn )


And aftertouch! Where’s the aftertouch? And no GM bank? Pah. :laughing:


Did any one say…pitchwheel?


I only wanted to sustain a chord while playing some two-handed stuff on a different sound…I’ll get my coat…


@Neil_Durant :joy:

Yes…holding one chord whilst I drive everyone insane doing a 15 minute stadium guitar lead on my Strat. ROCK ON!!

edit: as my bald scalp flutters in the wind.


Same issue here - I like using organ sounds as a 2nd layer behind a piano; cool bluesy vibe! With VB-3, I can set it to interpret CC64 as sustain, but Blue3 doesn’t seem to have any setting for this.

Only option would be to use a MIDI plugin that translates a sustain pedal to delayed note-offs. There is a plugin called “CC64 Emulation” in J’s MIDI tools, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it - struggling with a new DAW PC with a wonky PSU fan at the moment :confounded:




Actually, I love using aftertouch with organs for one-handed organ work. I use aftertouch to control leslie speed in some of my songs, which is actually very intuitive. And a simple binding or filtered route takes care of conversion from pressure to CC1…




I’m hoping to use the B5 as my stand-alone Hammond (using my XK3 system as the controller). I’ve been using the excellent HX3 very happily but I think the B5 just has something more authentic about it, especially the lower register and chorus.

One issue I have (not super-important but I use the idea sometimes) is that I can’t get it to implement sustain properly (i.e. CC64 triggered by the footswitch on my expression pedal). Using a filter in Cantabile I can get sustain working on the upper manual (CH1) but on the lower manual (CH2) the ‘off’ midi signal (0) is not recognised. This could be a problem in the B5 itself but I thought maybe someone on here who’s using the B5 with Cantabile could see if it works for them and report back, just in case I’m missing some step in the process. If others find this issue then I can contact Acoustic Samples and see if there’s a fix.


@Torsten, thanks for the Cc64 Emulation tip - I’ll try it tonight and report back.


@Torsten, I tried CC64 Emulation from J’s MIDI Tools, and it certainly works to sustain notes. However, when you release the pedal, it sends a note-off for all 127 notes, which for Blue3 means 127 keyclick sounds all played at once, even if you weren’t holding any notes!! It’s a shame it doesn’t track the notes that are held and only send note-offs for those. Interesting effect, but not entirely useful. Of course, if you turn down keyclick in Blue3 it’s fine, but an important part of the sound is lost.



Hmmm - there is another one: S-CC-Sustain Lite

Maybe this one will do the trick? Otherwise there is always ReaJS and a bit of coding :wink:




Yes, I found S-CC-Sustain Lite, but I can’t get it to load in Cantabile. But considering it doesn’t appear to have been touched since 2007, I’m not totally surprised. You’re right, maybe ReaJS or Bidule are the way to go.




An update to the B5 sustain issue - AS have fixed the problem and will include it in the next update. For others on here using Hammond-Suzuki stuff as a controller AS told me that UVIworkstation needs some changes in order for the B5 to properly implement the NRPN midi system that H-S use. In the meantime I’ve got (almost) all of it working using MidiKarval for the drawbars, and a nrpn-CC converter for the other switches (perc, chorus etc.).



Thanks Paul, that’s good to know! :relieved:



I see GG Audio have an update out for Blue3:


  • Blue3Rotary plugin now included (Tube Overdrive and Cabinet simulations only)
  • Blue3 now has 2 stereo outputs, Master and Direct (before Tube Overdrive and Cabinet)
  • Changed the Options button to UI
  • Added a Settings dialog and moved non-controller settings from Controller page
  • Ambience slightly smoother
  • Really, really stops dead center when Front Stop is engaged…no, really.
  • Drawbar 8’ adjustment is now labeled correctly in status bar when hovering or adjusting it’s knob
  • Status bar now prefers to show knob being adjusted value rather than a controller change
  • Corrected an issue related to split keyboard and midi channels
  • Minor updates to several included presets
  • Fixed a very stupid crash when pressing the Clear All button on the Controllers page



Thanks for the update Neil !