Organ Plugins - Opinions?


Cool… so what’s the rotary plugin of which they speak? Blue3 doesn’t seem to have any standalone Rotary plug, but something with a greater cabinet selection would put this over the win line…


I understand it like they deliver a new Blue3Rotary-Plugin with the newest update…


That’s what it does sound like. No new website info, I guess the best thing to do is just download the update and see.


Trying my update now. Tube overdrive is killer. Been out staring at the Sun, cause Mama, that’s where the fun is!


Just to be sure, is Blue3 x64 and completely stable in Cantabile x64? I’m looking to replace VB3 due to the reports of instability and Guido’s apparent lack of interest in updating.


The harshness that some complained about is gone, and the rotary can now be used as a plugin effect. Very cool!


I had no problem with Blue3 before or now in x64…BUT, I am running Win7. Download the free demo out and try it out yourself and see what it does. I agree, Guido may never come back to VSTi’s even tho he said he was.


I run it on win10 without any problems while vb3 is crashing all the time. I use only blue-organ for now.


I really like Blue3, but I miss the heavy body you get with VB3. Blue3 can sometimes be a bit too glassy and fragile to my ears. But I tell you what…Blue3 (with no rotary effect) through VB3fx sounds rather nice…




So VB3fx is working for you and VB3 isn’t?


I’ve removed the x64 version of VB3 and VB3fx from my system for safety, and use the 32-bit version with jBridge, and it’s rock solid. So this is with the 32-bit VB3fx.



Ok. Well that’s cool. Glad, at least, that the fx works for you.


There’s something very DI about Blue3. I want to love it but I feel like I’m listening to a synthesized thing, not a mic-ed thing and that’s where VB3 wins every time. It’s the Leslie. The Blue3 organ engine through VB3fx does sound great. BTW I am also just running VB3 x86 via jBridge and no issues of any kind. I have a few other 32-bit plugs so it’s the way to go.


Sounds like you guys have a good work around on VB3 then. It might not be a bad idea to email Guido at GSI and explain the problem with the Win 10 update. I will send one this evening. If he gets enough responses, he might look into it.

Edit: I left a message on the GSI Facebook page. Hope Guido sees it.


I’m starting to like Blue3 again now after working more with it. It does seem ballsy and present in a way that VB3 doesn’t but it’s got this harshness too that I can’t dial out. Some outboard eq and compression may be the ticket. Doubling them both together sounds pretty amazing, if only the Leslies would sync :neutral_face:



I have been having some glitches with B5 the past few days, I experienced some more this evening, so I am replacing B5 with Blue3 until I figure out what is going on. I don’t have a lot of time to tweak Blue3 with impending gigs so I have to use their presets as they are. I needed “ballsy” in some of the songs is the reason I chose Blue3 instead of VB3…hope I didn’t make a mistake in my haste. Really disappointed with B5 at the moment. Just not enough time to flush out the bug in what has been stable for me.


Well, that didn’t last long! lol I pulled up the Blue patch I had made today and it sounded like the old NI B4 honestly. I’m working on relearning Danger Money by UK for a thing coming up next Feb (I like long lead times :smiley: ) and I did a patch on Blue3 and one on VB3. I’ll let you guys decide which is which and which is better… let’s say that to my ears the one that sounds like Eddie Jobson’s organ is unmistakable.

(And yes my playing is sloppy and terrible. :wink: That’s why I"m starting in practicing now!)


Hey Fred, not that sloppy! :wink:

VB3 nails it in those clips, definitely. It’s unmistakeable. So much more lovely woody warmth. That said, I bet Blue3 probably still sounds great in a mix with a band, and might cut through more successfully.

I’d rather like a copy of that VB3 patch, if you happened to be in a generous mood…there’s something about it I’m not quite getting on mine…



I’d be more than happy to! But the secret sauce, the extra push is coming from a great plug-in called Headcrusher by Audio Assault.


…which happens to have a 50% discount right now! I’m just playing with the Headcrusher demo - certainly does something special with organ sounds! Thanks for the tip!


I think there’s a fully free version too which has the basic configuration I use 95% of the time, but for half off might s well go full. Usually my favorite setting is the default right when it opens up and then just tweak the drive and tone knobs.