Organ Plugins - Opinions?

As Suggested by Neil Durant - Let the gushfest continue !!



VB3. Next! :smiley:

Although… someone brought up the Arturia B3-V in the other thread and I pretty much pooped on it; the organ itself seems well modeled. I think tonight I’ll try and run the Arturia organ through the VB3 effects.

Anyone remember Charlie? Very limited by being sample based (the Leslie speed had to be a simple x-fade) but some good grungy sounds.


I used the NI B4 for quite awhile, two laptops ago. It probably the best in it’s time, but I ran across a plugin called “Charlie” and it changed my world. Even though the leslie was ONLY fast or slow ( no slowing down or speeding up) it was well sampled, and I still use it occasionally today!

Still anxiously awaiting version 2 of VB3. It has only been a 5 year wait, but I am sure Guido will come through. Someday…

Wow Fred! Are we on the same page , or what?

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Hehe- I’ll do you one better from the Waybac machine: the organ sounds in the Roland Vintage Synth rack were quite reminiscent of the Charlie samples. I think those had also been available as an expansion card for certain Roland keyboards. That was a fantastic box back in the day- good trons, some solid synth sounds, lots of stuff!

The Arturia B3 has a very handsome GUI, but it had no bite, and did they seriously believe anyone could read the settings on that leslie cabinet?

Yes. I have a roland 1080 module with a vintage keys card and that is what Charlie reminded me of. What about the EMU B3 module. It was killer, but never got to own one.

Yeah, the Leslie and effects are where it all falls down. The organ itself may not be so bad. I’m gonna play with it. Still, it’s just kind of an intellectual exercise since it’s using two plugins to do the work of one lol

I agree, and I think that is why Acoustic Samples is making a big change on their leslie on B5, because they have had a lot of comments about leslie defining the sound. I still think the Arturia is just weak. I’ve tried tweeking without avail.

Wow, I just tried Arturia B3 (Leslie off) going into VB3fx, and it actually sounds pretty damn good! More or less like VB3, but perhaps with a little more depth. Certainly waaay better than B3 with its own Leslie. Almost worth putting together in a rack and using for something…


That’s great! It moves me to want to try B5 through VB3 fx ! I will be gigging in 30 minutes. Wonder if I have time to set that up? Hmm? I tried B5 through Lotary, but didn’t stand out like I thought.

I’ll save you the time - I just tried it! It actually doesn’t seem to have as much bite as VB3 or B3 through VB3fx. Surprisingly tame. Nice key click though. But I prefer VB3.

Have a good gig :slight_smile:

It was worth the try anyway. Thanx for trying that out! I was trying to see if I could do it before count off, like I had no other pressures at the minute, C3 running like a charm as always so no pressure there!

Lotary just does nothing for me.

The only thing it has done for me was make that loose belt Steppenwolf lesle sound with, what else VB3!

I like the Melda M-rotary much better


I have the Acoustic Samples B5 and like it a lot. I’ll have to take a look at the VB3. I also like a free plug in called organized trio. I sometimes like to layer it with B5, and will even add the Korg M1 preset “clicky Bx3” to it.

Organized Trio is VB3! It was an early, freeware version. VB3 is substantially improved :wink:

(I didn’t know about the AS B5 prior to now… if they have a downloadable demo I may try it.)

I’ve always liked the Korg Wavestation patch, “Orgone”.
Here is an example of what it sounds like (yes, that is me playing it on an Original Wavestation):

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+1 for VB3 in combination with MRotary… killer!

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