Organ Plugins - Opinions?


Blue 3 killed it last night. Really had fun with it. Still love VB3 and B5, but this one definitely has something going for it.



Will try it out sometime :slight_smile:


This from GSI (VB3) facebook:

Since 2008 GSi has been collaborating with Crumar for creating some very exciting hardware instruments with both the GSi and Crumar brands. We’ll be releasing something new by the end of this year… What will it be?.. :slight_smile:

This is one of the comments:

VB3 update? x64 on OSX? Fixed crash when using “new-147” model? Sound affecting parameters brought into the program instead of set globally (which causes old projects to change sound when you tweak a setting)? Ringing frequencies eliminated in the spring reverb model? :smiley:

My comments:
Hopefully VB3 V2 software



Bring on VB3 V2. I agree Corky.


Hmmm… a lot of time left before “the end of the year!” I’m torn about actually popping $100 on the Blue3. Although maybe it doesn’t matter because I’m not about to start changing my song setups before this next run of gigs. I wonder how much (if anything) the bump up to VB3 V2 will be.


VB3 is still € 50.00, but who knows what may happen to the price with V2. The thing is, V2 has been in existence for at least 2 yrs. It is in their hardware instruments. This from GSI site:

The Crumar Mojo is a self-contained stand-alone tonewheel organ simulator with its own sound generator based on a Intel computer running a special version of VB3 version 2.

The Mojo had a VB3 update in March 2017 to version 2.33.


I knew that what was in the Crumars was more advanced than VB3. Sounds amazing too. I’d happily pay for the upgrade… still beats buying the Mojo! Huh, so it’s literally running as a software instrument. Sounds like all he has to do it hit the button and release the dang thing to us!


I stand corrected. It has been out for at least 5 yrs. The video is from 2012 with Mojo and was loaded with VB3v2. I remember Guido saying the GUI was the difficult part of the development.


The gush fest continues…


That’s what I was wondering… it’s about the only thing that would differentiate it from what’s in the Mojo. Dang man, how hard is it! Hire someone! Put it out!


I’ve long suspected some sort of politics involved with the V2 release. I don’t buy the whole GUI argument. I reckon it is simply to satisfy his hardware partners. If the software is released stand alone, that would eat into hardware sales.


I agree that this is the most likely reason. At the end of the day there is a serviceable GUI in the old version, and do we really need a VSTi to look like a battered old piece of furniture? :wink:


If so that’s flawed reasoning, imo. Badly flawed. If you want hardware, and can afford it you’ll buy it, If not you won’t. Releasing the vst will generate sales but I about guarantee that “Hey, I guess I’ll buy that $4,000 100 pound thing and lug it around because v2 of the vst isn’t out yet!” said NO ONE. EVER.


If I got to the point to buy a Mojo or DMC-122, I would probably just buy back my B3 or my Porta-B. Although, the DMC-122 has many other instruments in it. The DMC-122 is a hardware version of GSI’s Key Performer, which I used to use a lot.


Looks really interesting Corky, thanks for the alert. I’m assuming all controls are easily midi-assigned?



Hi Lee. Yes they are. Free fully working demo to download if you want to try it…just some occasional noise because of demo. I am really enjoying it…thinking about making it a part of my 3 Hammond arsenal.




Download, installation, purchase and registration were absolutely painless. High quality sounds with lots of presets for jazz, rock and gospel. Uses very low system resources (around 12% on my laptop). Very easy to set up a rack with Blue3 presets. Have hardly scratched the surface with tweaks. I will definitely be using Blue3 regularly.


Just finished reading the user’s manual for Blue3. Conversational and easy to understand but very informative. I get the impression that the author knows A LOT about the innards of the real item and how it’s circuits and parts work together.


It looks like the company is there just to sell that one thing, so he must take it pretty seriously. My only gripe so far is that I’d like to have more Leslie models, but the hot-rod Leslie sounds really good. Different Leslie models makes more difference in the sound to me in the long run than the subtle differences between a dozen or so Hammond models- not that that isn’t cool to have.


Spoiled, aren’t we? I didn’t have so many choices of leslies or organ models. I was very, very lucky to actually have a B3 and a 122 in 1970. :rofl:

PS …and walk to school 25 miles, uphill both ways. This is a Curmudgeon moment. :joy: