Organ Plugins - Opinions?


That was my thought too. Still playing around with it. I really enjoy the highs in this thing. The gospel stuff sounds really good. To me, it sounds a little like a combination of VB3 and B5, but only somewhat. Can’t put my finger on it yet, still tweaking.


PS I can get a decent Jimmy Greenspoon sound though. Like in the song “Chest Fever”.


I almost didn’t download it because the demo tracks sounded kind of crap. But I did and… damn. Pretty nice. I DO like the overdrive in classic mode and I’ve got an amazing early Tony Kaye sound. Still dialing in the Keith Emerson bite but it’s not bad. I may like the slow Leslie of VB3 better but the fast speed sounds really good here. Impressed so far…


Hi Fred

I assume you know the leslie speeds can be altered, right?



Yes, it’s not the speed, it’s the way the high frequencies are effected. The VB3 bends the pitch too far on the Leslie cab setting I like. It gets a nutty vibrato going that this doesn’t. But on the chorale setting that makes for a better swirl.


I figured you would like this because there was a downloadable demo, lol!
I totally understand the swirl. That is one of the things lacking in the V1 of B5.



I have to say yeah, so far this seems to sound like a mashup of VB3 and B5, and that’s maybe not a bad thing… want to hear it in a mix!


Going to try it tonight in a couple of numbers to see how it does live. I do not think it will have a problem cutting through.


So now we have the job of trying to see which combinations of organ and Leslie effect works best for different permutations of three organ plugins!! Or of course just making a rack that unashamedly layers all three… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LMAO Neil !! You are reading my mind today (and it is a short story). I began thinking which one I was going to use on what, then hesitated, and said, “what the hell”, and threw them all into the same rack and called it “B3-THREE”. Now I can play a combination of C3, A100, & B3 through Leslies 122, 147, & 770, all at the same time! # mashup


PS The Guitarist I am working with tonight is really going to be giving me “the look” when I roll in my new rack!


A surfboard is now required at the gush-fest! :laughing:


Love it Dave ! Yes…surfs up dude !


Because your Hammond now goes up to 12… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know that’s right. I need to over-paint 12 to 18. I’ll get to test that distortion out FOR SURE !


If you want to get REALLY anal… and I may try this lol make a patch that crossfades from VB3 on a slow Leslie setting to Blue on the fast. The problem would be to preserve the sound of the acceleration and deceleration without an obvious artifact.


Daaaaaaayyyymmmnnn Fred. I would have to consult with Torsten or Dave Dore’ or Neil Durant or the many other C3 literates to pull that one off. Would like to hear it though.


I’ll have to think on it but creating a binding that fades one down on moving the mod wheel while fading the other up in combination with the Leslie control should be the basic setup, in a down and dirty way at least. So, mod wheel to CC11… but can you also invert that?


Anyone checked the new organ plugin from


Is this not what they are talking about? :wink:


Ha sorry. Just read the last few posts :wink:


Thought I was missing something… :wink: