Organ Plugins - Opinions?



LMAO! !!! Yeah. John Kay CAN’T get a realistic Steppenwolf sound anymore.


Nice to see Steppenwolf still rockin’ it out in 2017! :slight_smile:

(Michael Wilk on keyboards. This is from John Kay and Steppenwolf’s 50th Anniversary concert in March. JK turns 73 on April 12th.)

Apparently, it requires TWO leslie speaker cabinets to get that “sound”… I’m stacking my sims accordingly!



MVintage is my go-to rotary sim. Like it a lot. Usually use this instead of the one which is built in VB3.



“Deviant Leslie Use (And Abuse)
Steppenwolf organist Goldie McJohn was able to coax an amazing sound from a stock Leslie. He connected the stock bass speaker directly (“full range”) to the stock amp and ran the thing flat on 10 (actually it sounds like he found a way to get “11”). You can hear this very clearly on that classic track, “Born To Be Wild”. The organ solo features the glorious distortion of a grossly overdriven Leslie amp, and you can hear the big bass rotor slowly speed up and slow down throughout the take. I saw Steppenwolf live at the now physically non-existent Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Goldie used the same setup on stage, only he stacked a bunch of them up right next to him, and miked one through the PA system.”


I just tried out the trial version of Rotary with VB3, and I must say, I do really rather like the sound with the VB3 Leslie enabled but not rotating, and feeding that into Rotary…



Smegging smegheads… PACE wants net access to install a trial license and I keep that computer off the internet. No offline solution apparently. Then after the 1st fail it wont even rescan the plugin. I hate crap like this. Bite me, UVI. Bite me twice, iLok.


Can’t you activate it on an iLok on a different (online) computer?


Doesn’t look that way. I mean yeah, I can try to just install on this other laptop I’m on right now- OH WAIT I CAN’T! Max downloads achieved for that demo and the copy I downloaded is on the other computer at work. And there seems to be no way to transfer that license over… there probably is, but it won’t giveyou that option. And once it scans it and fails it doesn’t even give you the option to scan it again. I have to completely uninstall Rotary and the iLok and start all over. It’s seriously not worth it.

Edit… I got a new link and dl’ed the demos again… now I’m stuck getting the iLok driver to install. This is a quest, dammit.


Welcome to the brave new world of Software As A Service.
They will become the absentee landlords of the computer age.
No nets no works
And that’s no garrentee either. I tried installing an unused virgin copy of Cubase 6.5 on a clunker and the license server is gone forever so I can just suck it up.

… oh, and the cloud is not the greatest thing ever, it’s just someone else’s computer. :frowning:


Oh man… if I had paid for this I would be PISSED off right now. I can not get PACE to work. It installs but then the vst hangs. If I run the iLok License software it just says there’s something missing and it can’t run. I’ve updated everything. I’ve read 15 threads on why iLok won’t work on Win10. This sucks. I just want to try the s**t out! Dang.


iLok’s working reliably on my Win10 machine - no problems at all.

Having said that, I don’t disagree with you…



If on a PC, iLok runs a service that is on a delayed startup, so if you try to run it right after booting, it won’t run. In the Computer Manager under Services, make sure both the Bonjour service and the Pace Licensing Support service are running.

What a pain just to try something out though!

I’m lucky like Neil is – not having had any problems with iLok since I started with it. (For a freebie copy of SoundToys’ “Little Alter Boy” of all things…) I have 30 activations on my iLok key now!!! It has become pretty indispensable.



Checked that- both PACE and Bonjour are running. I set PACE to delayed start anyway but no dice… every thread says the fix to my issue is simply to get the service started but for me it’s starting correctly. Thank God I’ve avoided iLok until now.


I didn’t meant that it won’t run on Win10 of course- clearly it does for a majority of people. That was just one of my starting points to Google :wink: I’m seriously stumped though.


Do they still supply the LicenseSupportDiagnostic toolo in ilok folder??


Yes and it’s showing no issues.



I was alerted a few days ago to a new Hammond plugin and downloaded the demo. The GUI has a synth look, and I thought it was another cheap knockoff, but I was really amazed at what this thing could do. Very light on CPU. I am still trying it out, and kinda liking it so far. See what you think.

What's the verdict on Blue3?

Thanks for that Corky, sounds real good!



Thanks for the heads-up!!! I’m just playing with the demo now - sounds nice! I’m not 100% convinced by the distortion yet - I think VB3 still has the edge…