New Leslie Vst from IK Multimedia

Hey All,

There’s a new pre-sale going on for this new Leslie simulator. Another choice amomg many. lol



I purchased it and it’s a blast!! Really the best Leslie emulation I’ve ever heard. In combination with Blue3 there is nothing to improve at the moment :slight_smile:

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Do you need to run it within T-rackS or Amplitube, or can you just host it directly inside Cantabile?


Interesting… I remember the old Amplitube Leslie being pretty good but still lacking that special something… have to check this out. Looks to me like you have to host it with one or the other program. And again, no one has the balls to do a demo with heavy overdrive :smiley:


You have to run it through open Amplitube. I have T-Racks, in it I can run it separately as a dll.

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It’s works as a individual plugin if you purchase the T-Racks version (like i did). There is no other host (like amplitube) involved.

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I tested the free demo last night and bought it - sounds really great with VB3 !!

Purchased it some weeks ago and it quickly became my Leslie to go meanwhile. Even though I abandoned VB3 some time ago I found VB3 & Leslie are the superior combination so VB3 is back in the race again - spcially when it comes to rock etc.

What I was missing was the possibility to drive Leslie very hard (Hi-Gain sounds). So I added a linear amplifier plugin to the Leslie rack which did the trick.

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Do something similar, using one of the tube preamps in Amplitube to drive the Leslie - very nice!

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This subject was actually discussed a few days ago on this thread: :laughing:

Now I’m not sure which thread to reply on! :slight_smile: The ‘large spikes’ I solved by going ‘back to basics’ and running only B5 and Leslie together in a new song and a 512 buffer. Still the occasional high(ish) peaks but not enough to cause the crackles and dropouts. The B5/Leslie combination is wonderful, by the way. However, adding back in my favourite plugins one at a time seems to indicate that Kontakt is the plugin that adds problems and doesn’t play nicely with UVI/AmpliTube. Maybe someone here could use the Profiler and see if they have any issues with such a combination (assuming you also use B5 and Leslie together, of course). I’m using a Surface Pro 4 (8gb) and UR22 combination.

I’m using the combination for live solo organ (rather than in a recording mix) with some Rhodes/other sounds all controlled from the lower manual so I’d really like to find a solution to the ‘spikey’ moments. Maybe I should now contact IK Multimedia but here is always my first port of call.

Probably would be better to discuss it on your original thread, but doesn’t really matter in the long run.
I run some Kontakt instruments along side of my B5, no problems. It would be helpful if you would post a screen shot of your routing and your plugins and racks so we can see how you are set up.



Just purchased and installed Leslie (T-RackS 5). Crashes in C3 when I try to open the VST UI. Tried the standalone version, crashes, too. Opened a ticket with IK Multimedia. I suspect graphics incompatibility somewhere.

In addition (or more accurately before the ‘spikes’ problem) I also had an issue with the midi triggering of the Leslie Fast/Slow from the Brake position. Basically, if the ‘Cab’ window is open then from ‘Brake’ pressing the slow-fast switch immediately operates the Leslie correctly. If the window is closed, or the ‘Amp’ window is open, then from ‘Brake’ nothing happens. The only way to get it to work is to set the Brake switch to ‘Toggle’ (I’m using a Line 6 pedal box though the problem is the same however it’s switched) but this means first pressing the Brake switch, then the slow/fast switch. In other words two footswitch movements instead of one. Open the ‘Cab’ window and it works correctly. In other words just like a normal Leslie - Brake to Slow, or Brake to Fast. I had some correspondence with IK Multimedia, including sending a video of the problem which they asked for and which demonstrated the issue perfectly, but although initially quite helpful eventually they seemed to lose interest and no one came back with any further suggestions as to a solution.

I also think this is related to the windows in Amplitube Leslie but I can’t leave the ‘Cab’ window open as naturally it obscures the rest of Cantabile. It’s a pity because it prevents the ‘normal’ functioning of the Leslie controls. it’s a brilliant piece of software but it’s frustrating when the company doesn’t respond properly. I’ll keep trying with them as if it’s fixed it will be (in my opinion) the best simulator out there and will mean I don’t have to take my rather heavy 147 out with me!

By the way, I tried the demo of T-racks but the cpu ‘spikes’ issue was the same. I couldn’t quite match up the sound that I’m getting from the Amplitube version but that’s probably because I didn’t spend enough time on it.

I really didn’t like the fact that the brake wasn’t part of the slow-fast switch like other sims. It has taken other companies many tries to understand what users need and want, so hopefully IK Multimedia will update accordingly. Still waiting on screen shots.

It displays perfectly and runs perfectly on C3 for me on WIN 7 X64. Are you running the 32 bit Leslie in a 64 bit C3?

I can’t even get it to run in stand alone mode. Same with Native Acess. I’m pretty sure it has to do with hi-res graphics.

I started to make too many screenshots and lost track of what I was doing as I didn’t write it all down! I’ll start again :slight_smile: Meanwhile I tried the T-racks version again and realised there was no problem with the Leslie switching whether its window was open or not. One Line 6 footswitch set to ‘single’ and routed to ‘Brake’, one to Slow/Fast. From ‘Brake’ pressing the Slow/Fast releases the brake and one tap on the ‘Brake’ switch does just that i.e. no second press because it had to be set to ‘toggle’. I’ll contact IK Multimedia to let them know that this is how the Amplitube version should be working. Maybe they’ll let me change versions…

I also have the impression that, on a second tryout, the T-racks version is using less cpu after all. At 512 buffer any larger peaks are not resulting in dropouts or clicks so far even when using other plugins. I’ll organise those screenshots and maybe you and others may spot something I’m not seeing.

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Been running tests with T-racks leslie on Blue 3 for over an hour, and I must say, it really gives this plug some great character! I like Blue 3 as it is, but with this leslie, I am hearing more swirl at slow speed and better separation between the horn and drum. Still tweaking, but like what I am hearing. Could the Blue 3 leslie be the big change in version 2.0? If so, it could be a game changer from what I am discovering by applying IK leslie.

Ok Chaps,

You’ve all had a few days to loose sleep tooling with the new VB3 II with IK Leslie, What are the verdicts? Is it the best combo yet for that Hammond Leslie “Sound”?


Yes. And VB3 Classic too. They each actually have a certain likable character of their own.

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