Many thanks to forum members


I want to thank all the members who unselfishly gives the time and effort to help so many of us jump the hurdles in Cantabile. I would like to thank many individually, but I would need the full membership list to do so. :wink:

1st of all…thank you Brad. What a wonderful piece of software you’ve created. Your dedication and helpful nature drives the community to do the same.
@Torsten, @dave_dore, @FredProgGH, @terrybritton, @dhsherbert, @dsteinschneider, @bartok2112, @Derek, @FantomXR, @The_Elf, (I can only list ten by default)…and many others who’ve inspired me for the last 4 years(sorry, I will post others when I remember their moniker).

I consider everyone here my friends and family. Yes, I go off topic (a lot), and kid around (way too much), and post too much. It’s only because I believe this forum to be my home. Thanks for all the help, and for putting up with my nonsense.



I’m pretty sure that I have never actally helped solve an issue in Cantabile. But I accept your thanks anyway! :smiley:
I echo your sentiments. As your counterpart in troublemaking I also appreciate everyone’s patience…




Corky what have you done wrong? :joy::joy::joy:


You really don’t want to know! :joy:


Not if there’s nudity involved!


And kudos to you, sir, for your magnanimous organ sharing (ooeeeer, matron) :joy:


Then you REALLY don’t want to know, lol! :astonished:

To be quite honest, PTSD has overcome me this particular weekend. Trying to hold on the best I can, so thought I would thank everyone, and hope you guys are staying safe.


Our studio hasn’t really gone dark in 25 years. I’ve spent 25 years dreading this day and now it’s here. Oh, we have about 3, 4 hours a week booked. And my church gig went away too although maybe that will come back in a while. My back is so trashed I should probably be considered disabled- I don’t know if I can do a real job any more. But something will happen. If all else fails I’ll pack the family up and we’ll move in with my mom. She’ll love it. :smiley:


Thanks for the mention, Corky! You (and many others) have made this a family of people who come here with an honest love of music and the desire that it continues to be gifted audiences everywhere via this amazing platform called “Cantabile”. Many thanks to Brad and all of his “Support Staff”!



Sorry to hear this bro. Yeah i feel ya. And these days are tough for us musicians especially.
But we’ll be strong!


Hell yeah, your Mom will love it! lol. I know all about the back thing. Mine is ruined, and my fractured hip is contributing very well to gradual decline.


Hey, let’s make a Cantabile project!! Someone start it and we’ll send it around, everyone can put something on it. And then we can put it on the interwebz to universal apathy where it can be ignored by everyone and we’ll feel dumb we ever bothered in the first place, but it’ll still be kind of cool and every couple years we’ll pull it up and listen to it and think, eh, that was sort of ok.


Kinda like that night of music a few weeks ago. How terrible!! Sir Elton and Lady GAGA sucked, as did most everyone else. I changed channels after the 1st few songs. So many people on the Tube leaving musical turds for generations to bypass. Jeez!

I’ve always dreamed of seeing Ian Gillan singing a slow, lower octave, acapella of Space Trucking. Not really, but expecting it any day now.


I’ve been planning to do a corona virus radio jingle, you know, like the old am radio call letter jingles. Just haven’t bothered yet.


It ends with “co-VID-19!” right? (The jingle, I mean…)

Yes, Corky is right - this bunch of folks here really make this the best forum I’ve ever attended. And like him, I consider all here like friends. :slight_smile:



Yes, you hear it exactly!!


Now to expand my list of more people to thank (restricted to ten):

@Alexander, @RackedBrain, @SteveK, @Robb_Fesig, @Roland_Robertson, @RedSurfer, @Ade, @Howifeel, @humphrey, @So_Godly…and many more. This shows just how helpful everyone is here.


Thanks @Corky. Since my main bread and butter is being a Mental Health Clinician (hence the screen name howifeel), my position has gotten busier. I immediately got a promotion and contracted to develop a specialized program for Northern California.

Although finances have gotten infinitely better, I have seen the social and mental impact to our community as a result of our reaction to COVID-19. Music is a healing power to perform and experience. We may rediscover the value of our society’s entertainers. It may be a shot in the arm for us, in the long run.

Just my opinion (which is never humble, according to my band).


As well as all those mentioned, I must give a shout out to @Neil_Durant as well (couldn’t see him above?), as Neil’s advice on NUC computers and touch screens was instrumental in my choices for my gig computer and UI, on the basis that if it was good enough for an IQ band member doing pro-gigs then it must be good enough for me and the smaller scale stuff that I do (but which I believe in doing well).