Korg Triton Vst

I am probably unlucky.
Being a not professional player, I often play in pubs where space for the full band would not allow to place your rig…

I’m only a serious high end ametuer :slight_smile:

You’d be amazed what you can squeeze into when you have to! I’ve always had a 76 key lower board and dictates the space I have - 61 key on second tier takes up no more space. Only issue then is how to fit the amp in, and gig rack goes on top of that when it has to.

Sometimes we’ve fitted a 7 piece band into a space that a four piece would complain about! The biggest challenge is always the drums and convincing the drummer that he really doesn’t need his big kit in a small place…

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This has ALWAYS been a problem with most drummers I’ve worked with. In the years when I was touring drummer, I always used the Buddy Rich approach…snare, kick, 1-mount tom, 1-floor tom, hi-hat, 1-ride cymbal, 1-crash cymbal, and enough common sense and talent to make them sound like a huge Alex Van Halen drum kit. I didn’t have to compensate my ability with a huge kit like many others.

…and another thread hijack. Apologies to the OP.


HA! We have the opposite problem! Our drummer generally plays a four piece kit- maybe adds a 2nd floor tom when he’s feeling really crazy- and we keep telling him it’s just not prog. If even just for looks we need at least 4 more toms on stage. Between that and the new single controller keyboard rig we’ve lost all prog stage cred. We’re like the anti-Asia.


And back to the topic :wink:

Triton Demo doesn’t recall Rack States.
I bought it yesterday and everything works as expected.
Thank you for yor advice @Corky and @Torsten.

I’m curious using Triton VST tonight for the first time, i used to have the Triton Extreme back in days.


You are still donning your golden cape, right? Please tell me it is so. :disappointed_relieved:

Cape is no good if you’re sitting down :smiley:

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Anyway, after a fast night evaluation of presets I like a lot Triton.
Strings and pads are very nice, organs are surprisingly good, pianos are too simple, electric pianos and other hybrid are interesting. Miles better than my beloved M1. And this is obvious, it is an evolution of a later decade

Please report back. I’m keen to hear how it performs and sounds.

BTW: I also had a Triton Extreme back in the days! :slight_smile:

You’re my kind of drummer. :slight_smile:

The drummer we had in Pure/Welsh Floyd is the best I have ever worked with, but you could never get him to downsize when it would have worked better, and I have heard drummers on smaller kits work them just as well; like the current drummer in Gong who I saw with Steve Hillage before Christmas. He was phenomenal. But a big kit (RIP Neil Peart) is more Prog when you have the space and the ability :slight_smile:

Sorry for the hijack, but you know how conversations go! :slight_smile:

If not the cape, maybe a long blonde wig? :wink:

Prog discussion moved here:

How about this drumming - snare, hi-hat and tom as kick


I will one-up you…tambourine and the floor for a kick. One of my favorite bands. I’ve seen them several times, and had a few drinks with them. Skip to 7:45.

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Nick was a great drummer for Floyd because Floyd was verrrrrryyy slooooooooow :smiley: Most drummers would not have been able to control themselves and leave the spaces but he, like Ringo, could. Nick would have stank in Rush, but Neil would have stank in Floyd (or the Beatles)… there are a precious few drummers like Phil Collins that probably would have been able to be appropriate in either setting.

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true dat

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Oh crap! Still in the wrong thread, whoops- sorry.


Triton sounds nice, but I’m still not at the end of xpand2. I’m still amazed everytime. Check this song, except the drums and sorry for the Flemish voice, but it’s completely xpand2. Quick loading, lovely organs, guitars, basses and usable pianos.

I needed an harpsichord to play Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks).
I didn’t find anything in Xpand.
I found it easily in Triton. With a nice version with some strings as pad.
First time I had to leave Xpand without success

I have the original Legacy Collection. They sound great, but the editors are sooooo small!


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