Korg Triton Vst

For you fans of the Korg Triton, this is now in the Legacy collection:

  • Paul

Nostalgia. I had this one… it was a great keyboard.

Sounds nice.
But not cheap, 200 bucks.
I have all the other korg vst, and they are extremely good

Thank you very much for the post!!! I didn’t know that.I searched from time to time for a Triton VST plugin. Without success.

I have the original Triton since year 2000 or something like this. But I only want to use cantabile and my laptop to be flexible… I started to work on new VST sounds for my old Triton presets. Now I can use the original! Save a lot of time.
Sadly I can‘t load the sounds with the pcg file. But “manually“ copy is less work than find new sounds!
like that and bought it… :wink:

Hi @Dominik,
Are you able to save and Recall States with the Triton VST?

Something worth to buy?
I saw all expansion cards are included.
So many many sounds.

I downloaded the 20 min free demo. Sounds nice, lots of editing features. Nice GUI. All the expansion cards are included. I really liked it, but don’t know if I really want another ROMPLER. At $199 discount, I think it is steep. $99…maybe. I do like the left side meters on each combo preset. Makes it easier to SEE, and adjust levels within the preset. I also found it quick loading and CPU levels are low. It is very similar to the M1 vst, but better GUI. As much as I like the old Roland modules, their vsts were not as good for my live performance. Korg does the job better, and leaner. XPand! ($50) and M1 ($25 current special price) are my goto in this area. I will have to consider it awhile before I make the plunge. $199 will almost pay my utilities this month. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, at $200 I’d about hold out and see if I could get a real one for $300, $350. $99 and I’d be very interested. I never owned a Triton. I did have an 01/W and I loved it. But I’m with you; another ROMpler?

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I’ve taken the plunge - as a Legacy Collection owner, I got it for $150.

I like it a lot - loads tons faster and is easier to operate and edit than the Roland Collection stuff (plus none of the online copy protection nastiness that Roland forces on us).

Great CPU efficiency as well - plus great bread & butter sounds with quick loading times, so I think this could well be replacing most of my non-core sounds over time.




Decisions…decisions :thinking:

If I could replace Omnisphere that would be nice- it’s too big and too hard to navigate.

That’s why I never bought it. I used it, and Keyscape at a local studio, but I think it works best as a stand alone, not in my C3 setup.

Keyscape I LOVE in the studio but live, no way lol I need to hear the piano(s) in Triton. Most of those old low RAM looped 2 layer ROMpler pianos were kind of excellent live in a mix.

Here is a few :

You really should download the demo, and try to check it in the 20 minutes they give.

I’m with @Torsten, I took the plunge. Mainly because it was Saturday night, my iLok copy protection was non-functioning because I upgraded a disk drive, and Church gig Sunday morning. I really liked it. I do like it better than Xpand!2 even if x2 didn’t have copy protection pop ups that tell me go get (insert culturally insensitively here).

I used to play in a band with a guy that had one. I was always jealous. This may take the place of x!2 just for spite. To me, it sounds a little better than M1, but it could be all those years of jealousy.

Gee thanks Richard…no utilities for a month! Now I have to be jealous of you and Torsten. :rofl:

I think it sounds better than M1 and X!2.

@Corky what do I know, I can hardly hear above 8k

Lol! Funny…I hear 12k 24 hrs a day.

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It should sound better than M1; it’s much better tech and samples. Anyway, I don’t want to download it. What if I like it? I don’t know how I didn’t know about the $150 upgrade though, that makes it a bit more attractive.

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Hi Steffen,

I didn‘t try it yet. Just bought yesterday evening and play with the sounds… :wink: like them.

Hope I can check it this evening and can send you a feedback…