Just bought a handy Foot Controller :)


Seems to make perfect sense! I am usually using Livid Guitar Wing, but I was looking for something simple and portable as a backup, as sometimes the BT connection is not the best idea (e.g. in a place with lot of bluetooth devices. Fun-fact: I was once playing in the rehearsal room where I was totally unable to connect via BT to Guitar Wing - it came out that on the lower floor there’s a storage of the rental bikes, each one was equipped with the bluetooth receiver…)


It worked super :grin: maybe thinking of a way to make the pressure a bit higher, the pedal is to sensitive now


Just got mine :slight_smile: Thanks for drawing my attention to this one!


Here is a weird one. Someone was trying to sell a small Line 6 guitar amp at Studio 14. It sold, but for some reason, the pedalboard that went with it got left behind and lingered around for awhile (no one wanted it). It was going to go in the trash, but I did some quick research on it online, and the specs said it could also connect via USB as a MIDI controller. It just happened to be …an FVB Express MKII (gotta luv it). I see where these are selling for around $100 on Amazon. Considering a good MIDI footpedal controller cost several hundred these days, the FVB Express MKiI is still a great bargain at $100.


Hi Sven!

I don’t know if you solved your problem, but here is something i posted a while ageo that might help you:

Greetings, Tom

Bindings: multiple actions

Whaaaaaa cool! Can’t wait to go try it out! Super!


OK, got it and I love it. It’s extremely simple but works out of the box and does exactly what it is intended for. And the configuration process in Cantabile with S-Gear via “bindings” is really easy.

One question: do you guys have any idea how (or if it is possible at all) to “force” the tuner display to work with Cantabile/S-Gear and display the tuner settings from the app on the controller’s display? It’s not something that I’d desperately need, but would be nice to have :wink:


Probably that’s a function only via the network cable and only on line 6 gear?


That’s my guess, however I thought that it’s worth asking :wink:


I checked the manual and no sign of it :slight_smile:


I am revisiting this topic. Using the external tools I can run a config file to load config file for my FBV Express pedal. Now it’s a question of easy access to these tools.

Does anyone know if you can bind these tools? to events i.e. a patch change will trigger opening a file


Why bind with these tools? You can trigger any action from within C3


I wasn’t able to find a launch file action or launch tool action.

Can you help me find it. Thanks.


Do you mean something like this?


Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.