Just bought a handy Foot Controller :)

Just want to let you know I bought a handy midi foot controller.
Line 6 FBV express MKII. Not expensive, powered over USB, compact. and easy editable.
I have 4 switches (2 sustain + 2 song switches in my case) and a volume / expression pedal.
Looking forward to start working with it :slight_smile:
Any tips?


I already have a question :slight_smile:

  • Is there a way to program the bindings for long pressing?
    I’m thinking of using the top switches for prev/next state.
    But maybe I’d like to assign prev/next Song also when tapping longer.
    Or maybe a double tap would even be handier !
    Is it possible?

What do you need 2 sustains for? (just curious)

I have 2 keyboards :slight_smile:
Midi controller and Nord (audio keyboard).

Do you mean you can control it with 1 sustain pedal also? Seems not really an option, as I sometimes like to sustain on or the other. But indeed sometimes sustaining both with 1 pedal would be handy…

I was thinking to replace my 2 sustain pedals by this midi pedal. So now I need to route everything.

I got this pedal pretty cheap (and B stock also)

If you have two keyboards, one for each keyboard?

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Looks an interesting little controller. My Roland FC300 is still my workhorse, so much so that I have just purchased a second one as my current main unit is ten years old (still going strong, but…). It’s amazing these days to find a product that has been on the market for so long. So my current unit will become a spare to the new one.

Will be interesting to see how you get on with this Line 6 device.

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@hermanoantequera : yeah — I was thinking about my own setup - my keyboards do not produce any sound - so I can have one pedal that controls sustain for more than one plugin, even of thos plugins are controlled by multiple keyboards… Kind hard if both boards produce sound (unless you do some trickery with midi filters and midi out from Cantabile back to the boards). My bad!


Neat device, and one that has me thinking… Can the larger Line 6 FBV models be pressed into service? I use a Helix simply as a controller, and for most gigs it’s overkill!

I’ll also be interested in how it works for you. I tried that unit a few years ago and found the driver to be problematic… It didn’t always send the command. And Line 6 simply said it’s really for their Amps and had no ideas as to why it was mis-behaving. Hopefully they’ve updated the driver. Please let us know if it is gig-worthy… I switched to an FCB 1010 which has been rock solid, but I liked the smaller footprint of the MKII. Thanks!

Just trying to figure out how I can control my Nord’s sustain, when not playing any midi sounds, but just the internal system…
Any tips?

The double tap idea got me thinking… Anyone know how to make a double tap work with C3 with an FC1010? For example it would be nice to have the Play/stop function be a double tap, but only triggered from a double tap of the same CC? I know the FCB can send a 2nd CC on a 2nd button press, but I think I had to use both CC slots for some other function… I need to check that. Thanks!

ok I’ll let you know, the FBV control software is handy, and it’s only the driver, so I’ll be running that over my usb Hub. I did bought a (kugh aliexpess kugh) hooked usb for it that I will professionally ducktape to it :slight_smile: That should be more durable :smiley:

I’ve asked @brad also about that. I think it’s a function request?

I think it’s also overkill? What line 6 controller would be better?
Maybe this line 6?

I checked others also. But FC1010 is not usb midi and extra powered. Didn’t find any other boards that had enough switches, over usb and with a pedal controller.
These Keith McMillen have sort of pedal into the switches, but rather expensive.

I think personally these 4 switches and 2 expressions will be far enough, as I will be tap dancing otherwise on stage :smiley:

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I’ve been using the MKII for 3 yrs now. I only use. C3 to bind to it…no additional software needed. It’s size makes it very portable to transport and easy to fit under my rig. Runs very well with my powered usb hub.


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I like the little guy. Though, for not much more you get the Behringer with more switches. This would fit in a backpack though and get on a plane.

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I lucked out and got mine half price at my local Guitar Center. It was a display…no box. I grabbed it up without knowing much about it, and was pleasantly surprised.

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How and what are you controlling with it?
2 sustains also?

I use it pretty much as any other controller. Just bind anything I need to it… I use it to change states, or songs. On guitar, I use it it as a pedal board…turning effect pedal sims on and off. I use the volume pedal for volume, wah-wah, octave, modulator control, and various other things. On keyboards, much the same thing. The volume pedal can be used as a sustain, which you could bind to 2 different keyboards (which could be also achieved with a single sustain pedal). I also use the volume pedal with a neat little VST I have that simulates amp feedback…so I can rock out on the older tunes, lol. Many different uses I can’t remember at the moment. Many more I am planning to try. The only cons I have, are the switches are small, so it took a little practice to hit the right one, and the rubber strips on the bottom lasted about a year before they started to fall off. I aleviated that with a piece of a yoga mat under my pedals.


Very Good idea !!! :smiley: I just unscrewed the rubber tongue of my old Roland DP pedal! But Yoga could do the trick. Maybe even to have a longer piece to put my feet on.

Volume I won’t assign, maybe only for the Nord organ for organ swells. But I guess I can route some vst functions to the expression. Good idea for wah pedals and other parts added to the song. Mostly my hands are to bussy to shove up a fader :slight_smile: