Bindings: multiple actions

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A little help in understanding whether a binding can support multiple actions… OR a better way!

Searching the Forum, I came across this note from Brad:
“Bindings with multiple actions/targets…
–You can do this by creating multiple bindings with the same source…”

I have some free time to play around and try this, but need some guidance on how to do, as I didn’t find in the User Guide. Thinking of how I might do the following during random live playing:

On my upper keyboard, I want to easily switch the preset from one VST (e.g. VB2 organ) to a preset on another VST (Kontakt 5 strings). Currently I bind a keyboard note (lowest octave) to activate a command to toggle the current VST sound off, then another key to switch to the other VST/preset. I tried using Solo Exclusive, but whatever I’m doing (wrong?), the Solo Exclusive command affects multiple keyboards, not just the upper one (I use three).

I was looking for a possible way to perhaps continue to use the keyboard note (or any other midi controller on the keyboard) to both shut-off the current VST preset AND, as a second action, turn-on another VST preset. So in the example above, I would be playing an organ sound, then with one press of a note/controller, switch to strings, without having both the organ and strings sounding together.

I’m hoping I’m just missing a simple way to accomplish this and don’t need a binding to do multiple actions.

A little guidance would be greatly appreciated or if Brad’s aforementioned note to another user is the best approach, I just need some help in where to research how to do that.


As it happens we just discussed this lately :blush:



Hey Thanx… I had read your thread about the foot controller, but didn’t see any relevance to me, so I totally missed that recent message and link you just posted. One of the solutions is to activate two actions, so I will explore that with the example he posted. Not sure if it’s the answer, but definitely worth the time to understand and try it!


Hey Chuck,

Have you tried this set of bindings? The first loads up the solo instrument you want to start with when the song loads. The next 2 switch between the 2 available solo instruments at your command using the key-switch notes.